A Clockwork Spiral

A Clockwork Spiral

A Clockwork Spiral is a shopping and music event featuring steampunk/goth, dieselpunk/goth and dark Victoriana to help raise money for the National Kidney Foundation.

A Clockwork Spiral is open! Visit this event from September 18th – 22nd to get some amazing styles not usually seen at other events. I actually don’t know much about Steampunk styles, but there are lots of Brown/Sepia tones!

I’m wearing the lovely High Society top & skirt from MV. I don’t know what the MV stands for, but I think the outfit is so darn cute, and you guys know I barely ever wear long skirts! This outfit needs a longer alpha for the sleeves, cos I wore the size S top, but my elbow shows through when it’s bent (you can still kind of see it in my picture cos I forgot to fix it in PS).

I’m also wearing Aviatrice Shoes and matching Diesel Purse from Bliensen + Maitai. To complete the look, I’ve accessorized with the Gear & Heart Charm Bracelet from AZE and gorgeous Brown Parasol from Squeek!

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Harley (Peach)
Truth Hair – Carrie (LightBrowns01)
MV – High Society Skirt, Top Powder
Bliensen + Maitai – Diesel Purse (Bordeaux)
Bliensen + Maitai – Aviatrice Shoes (Grey)
Donna Flora – DECO Necklace (Porcelain)
AZE Gear & Heart Charm Bracelet

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  1. I went to the MV store if it is actually Malfean Visions and could not spot the dress; any help please?

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