Hi everyone! I’m at Pangloss, the very Pink gorgeous sim by Bowie Zeplin. This sim is so dreamy, and I can’t believe someone actually made an ALL PINK SIM in Second Life!!! *HAPPY DANCE!!* Years ago, my friend Lash Xevious made an all Blue/Purple sim, and it’s still one of best places in SL (closed-access though). I love sims with happy colors 🙂


I think I’ve found my Halloween costume! Katat0nik just released this gorgeous Choco Dress in a few colors, with matching socks too! What’s my costume? A cute sweet Cupcake Princess (I’ll add a tiara).

What I’m Wearng:

Pink Fuel Skin
Exile – Sparkle And Fade
Katat0nik – Choco Dress
Katat0nik – (pink) Choco Socks
Katat0nik – Wingtip Mary Jane

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