All me

All me

Hello!!! Thank you to everyone who sent me private messages cos I haven’t blogged for a week! I know that’s a long time for me, but I’ve been so busy. What are some must-haves this week? Let me know in the comments or leave links to goodies (new releases/events)!

All me

New My Hiker Boots from Monso, at Shoetopia.

All me

I made an outfit based on my mood today, can you guess what it is? Royal, of course!

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel Skin (temporarily closed, moving!)
Truth Hair – Mina
Eclectic Apparel – Aria Dress (Monarco) S
Monso – My Hiker Boots (girls)
Mon Tissu – Oui Necklace (Gold)
Anc – a royal crown/rod/orv

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  1. Hello Gogo…. love love those boots, can you give me directions for the store inworld or URL for market place? Thanks.

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