From time to time, I see fellow bloggers expressing frustrations that designers don’t comment or acknowledge that their items were featured on a blog post. I know designers are super busy creating, but not all designers are completely aloof.  There are plenty of designers who will take that extra effort to ‘thank’ their bloggers, by simply faving a picture on Flickr or leaving a comment (anywhere). I favor designers who pay attention (to me), more than those who don’t. I like attention, and if I know that you’re paying attention, I’ll make more of an effort to feature your products.

Oh my god, the secret is out!

Here’s my tip for designers — want to get blogged more? You have to either create stellar stuff, or pay attention to people who do blog you. Or pretend that you do pay attention. Try this for a month, and I think you will see that your coverage on blogs massively increasing.

Shout out to all the designers who comment/fav/like my pics, say hello, etc! You’re  rock stars. <3


What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel Skin
Truth – Maiko hair/Headphones
Teefy – Marlene Blouse (Floral/Mint) S
Teefy – Marley Skirt (Spring) S

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  1. Great pictures, I’m looking forward to picking up Tee*fy’s new Collabor88 items! You should know how annoying I am by now, so I have to ask – now that Sora is so close will there be a new Juicy shape?

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