Cutie Moon

Cutie Moon

The Cutie Moon Fair opens on April 1st — inspired by Sailor Moon, of course. If you’re a fan, you can now squee! This may reveal that I’m a 90’s kid, but I use to watch Sailor Moon when it was on television. Did you ever watch Sailor Moon?

Cutie Moon

I didn’t get a close-up of these fabulous Tabitha shoes by KoiKoi, but they’re so gorgeous. These are the highest pair of high heels that I’ve ever worn in SL, so I’m a bit excited about that.

What I’m Wearing:

Truth – Pearla
The Secret Store – Sweet Sailor Dress (Jupiter)
Katat0nik – (Strawberry Unicorn) Carousel Candy Stick
Katat0nik – (Strawberry Unicorn) Carousel Necklace
BOOM – Friendship Bracelet (White)
KoiKoi – Tabitha
Ohmai – Mochi Bunny

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  1. ooo So happy you like the Tahiti shoes… Its lovely to see you teetering on such high heels.. You might feel shakey but they suit you so well.

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