SLink Physique v1.3

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The new SLink Physique Mesh Body V1.3 update is a major upgrade! I didn’t notice any changes to the body itself, but the HUD received a sleek makeover, and is pack with tons of options, and lots more versatility. Are you as excited about this update as I am?

Visit the SLink main store, click the re-delivery terminal to receive your free update.

SLink Physique HUD v1.3What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel Skin
Truth Hair – Lilith
MudHoney Neve Chair (Green)

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  1. I will be excited when I can get the underlayers to work! I can’t seem to wear a non mesh t shirt under a jacket or a Lacey blouse with out seeing my bits or thru my avi. Yes I did ask for help but no answer. I swap to my reg body when i need to wear anything that is not mesh because most mesh comes with some underlayers right?? Sorry just venting. I know I am doing something wrong just am not sure what.

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