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“I’m a fiend, I’m a killer, only pledge allegiance to the highest bidder. In a world with no morals and a life with no meaning, there is no such thing as a sinner.” – Ghostwerk, Corporate Assassin (Netrun)

If you love cyberpunk everything like I do, you love any themed event of such that comes along and lets you shop for all the gear you’ll need for a futuristic look. Imagine my thrill at the Cyber/Punk event happening, especially its Psycho Byts gacha. I was able to get a pair of amazing cyber bento arms from it–a rare with just a few plays! Plus, some boots, a headset, and a dope-looking bodysuit.

I mixed up my look in the picture to show the average cyberpunk berzerker and how they might look if you encountered one.

Alright, so you go shopping for all this stuff and then you say to yourself, “Where can I go roleplay as a cool cyberpunker?” And to that I tell you… yeah, sorry, those opportunities are dwindling in SL. Roleplay in SL is dwindling. Should we talk about that?

Yeah, let’s talk about that.

A Growing Problem

So, Second Life has been losing its roleplay sims. You’ve felt this pretty evidently if you’re someone who gets into that regularly. You’ve seen the “Why are roleplays going away” threads on SL forums, too. Sometimes it’s admin management that’s the issue. Sometimes it’s the cost of land. Sometimes people burn out and want to move on. But since Second Life’s population is also shrinking, there’s just less of these places around in general.

This is why I started looking outside of Second Life for cyberpunk roleplay. It sucked, because I’m a visual person and I love looking at what futuristic builders do with sims. But since I wasn’t getting my fix, I searched elsewhere. I wanted to play specifically in a cyberpunk MMO, and I found it in an unlikely place.

Get this: a text MUD. Yeah–a text MUD.


Look Door, Get Key

A text MUD. The ones where you type to move around and all that. Those. The text adventure things. Some of you know what that is already and you actively play somewhere. For those who don’t, let’s talk about it!

Remember those retro games you’d see on something like Bandersnatch, where you have to type in a choice to accomplish your goal? “Look door”, “get key”, all that? That’s what a MUD is. It’s a multiplayer game where you can pretty much play while running SL. Doesn’t take up much memory at all! You can either use a terminal program to connect to one, but more modern games have a browser client that will let you just visit their page and log on to your character’s account from there.

My search landed me to a high-stakes game called Sindome, which is harsh, unforgiving, and… amazing. It’s pretty much the poker room of roleplays, where cheating is minimized and you’ve got to work to get somewhere.

Sindome is a cyberpunk game that takes after the likes of Neuromancer, Blade Runner, and Judge Dredd. When you create a character, you’ll start at the very bottom of the city, stuck in a poverty sector where you have to fight to rise through the ranks to accomplish anything. Roleplay is enforced, but there’s also combat present. There is no AI class, so you won’t find a bunch of Matoko Kusanagi clones running around. The roleplay focuses on the human element of cyberpunk, namely greed, strategy, and violence.

So What Can You Do?

You can do a lot of things in the game, anything from becoming a street warrior, a stripper, a superstar, a tv producer, run your own business, run a mafia (because that’s how mafia works), to becoming a Judge who enforces the Law. It’s pretty varied and it all depends on what you’d like to do.

Play styles also vary as well. Some people like roleplay in Sindome that focuses more immediately on violence (gang wars, mafia, street duels), while others are more strategic types and prefer intrigue (being a spy, working to subtly take down a rival corporation, being a hacker, that sort of thing). Either direction will get you rich if you’re smart about what you do. Or if you mess up, you’ll die permanently and have to roll for a new character. Don’t forget to buy a clone to prevent that from happening!

The best part of all is the game’s strict no-out-of-character-contact rule. Meaning, the stripper you flirt with isn’t going to send you an IM later asking if you want to roleplay being her spouse. You won’t find people talking endlessly on an OOC channel about their character and how great they are, either. Secrets stay secrets in the game, and they’re that way to help you succeed and keep your real life private. No one gets to cheat their way to the top. If someone makes it look easy, it’s because you don’t know how dirty their hands have actually gotten.

And everyone’s hands get dirty eventually.

One last thing I’ll say about Sindome is that I interact with a lot of female players there. These women are fierce and don’t shy away from a fight. They are cute and deadly! Shoutout to them, I love anyone who can balance the two. You really can be the pink ninja of your dreams in Sindome, if you really want it. You just have to make sure that other pink ninja doesn’t kill you along the way.

What I’m Wearing:

LOGO Mae Head
Ohemo – Mora statement earrings
Hilly Halaan – Anjou Bra
Limerence – Camila hair
katat0nik – Brass Knuckles Necklace
Psycho Byts – Black headset, Arms (RARE), Purple boots
Zenith – Magic Orchestra Vest and Shoulders
Cureless – Shiny Shorts
Gabriel – Bat (white)
Random Matter – Girl Fight (pink chainsaw RARE)

Note: If you play Sindome, remember to keep discussion in the game. Meaning, don’t IM me please! I am not staff and can’t help you, but there’s plenty of help in-game if you need it.

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