New Linden Home, Again, on Bellisseria

New Linden Home, Bellisseria

Back in April, I became a Premium member for the first time in my 12 years in SL. I landed on a charming little waterfront home and decided to keep it. I knew my luck would not be better if I kept re-rolling for new homes.

Here we are, 3 months later, and so much has changed with how Linden Lab launches new sims. Instead of launching hundreds of sims at once, like they did initially, now only one or two sims are launched every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. At this rate, eventually everyone who wants a home would get a home, but not at a rate that’s fast enough to satisfy them. As you can see by this vent thread on the forum, they are more than a little upset. In fact, if you read the entire Linden Homes forum, it’s so overwhelmingly NEGATIVE.

I loved the April launch, when many homes were available and people had the option to re-roll instantly for the parcel of their dreams. It would prevent all the grass prims we see covering gorgeous waterfront beach parcels right now. I love beach parcels, but it seems like the majority of SL residents prefer green grass.

I hope that Linden Lab keeps Bellisseria exclusive by not creating duplicate continents. We don’t need Bellisseria 1, 2, 3, etc. Not all premium members even want a new one. I was talking to a friend today about Bellisseria, and she said, she has two premium memberships and two of the OLD homes, even though she still has a sim. Clearly, she doesn’t care if she gets a home on Bellisseria or not. If they decide that the demand exceeds the supply and create a snow or desert continent, that would be a-w-e-s-o-m-e!

New Linden Home, Bellisseria

When Linden Lab announced that the price of a Premium membership would rise from $72/year to $99/year, I bought my alt one! I felt that for less than $10/year (with stipend), it was worth it to have a change of scenery and change parcels whenever new sims are released.

I really want a waterfront beach parcel, unobstructed by houseboats, but today I landed on a green grassy parcel! I think I’ll keep it until more coastal sims are launched. It’s actually very pretty, especially the mountain behind my house with cute benches on it (thanks, Milli Mole!). The green grass reminded me of Autumn, so I decided to make it Autumn and set out some pumpkins. I don’t care if my neighbors think it’s too early, cos I think their little mcmansions are an eyesore.

New Linden Home, Bellisseria
New Linden Home, Bellisseria

Do you have a linden home on Bellisseria? Do you want one? How do you feel about the current release schedule? Let me know in the comments!

EDIT: I abandoned the parcel so someone else can enjoy it! Goodbye, little grassy home.

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