JuicyBomb Ad Campaign

15 Day – $2500L
30 Day – $5000L
3 Month – $13500L*

*All ad campaigns 3 months or longer receives a 10% discount. Price reflects discount.

Awesome Brands Advertise On JuicyBomb

How do I start an ad campaign?

Send an email to juicybomb -@- and the correct payment amount to Juicy Littlething for the campaign package of your choice.

Your email should include:

  • Attached copy of your ad image in the correct format and size (see Ad Requirements)
  • The  SLurl or URL (website or SL Marketplace) to link with your advertisement.
  • Your payment transaction # (pasted from the transactions history)

Ad requirements:

  • 300×250 large rectangle unit linked to your SLurl or URL (always visible, sidebar)
  • Acceptable ad formats are .jpg, .png, .gif, .swf

When will my ad be posted?

Once we have received your payment in-world and an email with all the required information, your ad will be posted within 24 hours. You should receive a confirmation email as soon as the ad goes live.

Can I update my ad?

You can update your image and SLurl at any time during your campaign via email. All changes will be effective within 24 hours.

How can I renew ad?

Renewals are simple! An automatic email generated by this site’s advertising software will send you an email reminder a few days before your ad expires. When you receive the email, respond with your transaction history and any graphic or URL changes. Your ad will be renewed within 24 hours.

How much traffic does JuicyBomb have?

JuicyBomb 2014 Annual Report (provided by