Virtual Girl

Virtual Girl

Hi! It’s been a while since I’ve written, right? Well, I’m back in SL (Whiskey inspired me to return) and here to show you something awesome I’ve been doing.

First of all, I look way different! I’m wearing the Kemono avatar and the M3 anime head from Utilizator so I look more like these cartoon girls behind me. But why match them, you ask? That’s because I’ve been painting them!

I recently won and art fellowship with Red Bull, where I’ve been given a couple of months to create a new body of work. At the end of the fellowship, I’ll reveal all of the pieces at an opening in Detroit, Michigan. The internet has influenced me a lot as an artist, so I decided to focus on the net and women in general for this collection. I’m especially interested in online avatars, Tumblr, and how women express themselves (artsy NSFW warning) through these mediums.

Throughout the collection, there’s also commentary slipped in about the crap women put up with in dealing with sleazebags, dating disasters, subtle racism, and all the fun stuff that comes with not being at the top of the social food chain.

Here’s a picture of me painting Airedine, of the now-defunct store Adore & Abhor:

Working at Red Bull House of Art

I picked out a couple of avatars (and their real-life counterparts) to work into the exhibit, as well. Not everyone will fit in this round, but I’m going to be painting in this style for a while. It’s been great painting inspiring avatars in this collection, because I get to work in an aspect of that player into the painting. I’m looking forward to meeting even more people to paint in the future.

How has the internet influenced how you express yourself? Who do you think is more attractive–you, or your avatar?

If you want to grab some of the paintings I have in-world so far, five (FOUR! I can count!) of them are available. Nine more will be added next week:

Virtual Girl Collection Preview Sale

You can buy them by visiting my store here!


What I’m Wearing:

Kemono Avatar
M3 Anime Avatar Head
Kemono skin and eyes: Custom! I’ll sell them soon 🙂
Hair: Exile – Kissing Strangers
Clothing: All from Krankhaus!



At Lil’ NoNo’s, it’s always 11:59pm.  The cozy bar is set in a gutted warehouse build, overlooking a cityscape.  You’re either there because you’re lonely or looking for trouble–there are no other reasons.  Either way, there’s jazz, free drinks (and pay-for ones), cigarettes, and nooks and crannies to explore.  The music isn’t bad, either.


Take the elevator next to the bar down to the cellar.  There’s a long hallway set up with posters and invites.  You know what they lead to–other virtual parcels, yet they’re mostly set up to not hinder your experience of what Lil’ NoNo’s imitates.  There’s locked doors you can’t enter, and ones that lead to a small coffee shop and a washateria.  They’re probably there for private conversations or a change of scenery for regulars, secrets and favorites for the patrons.  On the corner is a convenience store with lucky boards, souvenirs, and snacks, and a street scene where there’s either snow or rain, depending on the current season.  And behind the stage of the bar itself where you can’t see, a game room, looking out onto another lonely backdrop of large, ominous buildings.

Places like these make visiting Second Life worthwhile, because of the thought and care put into building them.  Aside from some rl branding I spotted in the bar and a mesh figure from a video game, I love this place to death.  You can often catch me here nursing a drink.

Do me a favor.  Buy me a gin on the rocks if you see me, and see if they have some Johnnie Taylor on the jukebox.  I’ll tell you a fun secret if you do that.

What I’m Wearing
Pink Fuel Skin
Metatheodora – Swing 3003 Dress (Leather)
Exile – Sober (tinted blue manually)



I was too cool. I knew it.

I had on mesh clothing with the exception of some texture jeans from Mon Tissu, for layering purposes with my Fashionably Dead sweater. My Clawtooth hair hung just right around my shoulders, curling in at my neck, fresh from the C88 sim and looking good. But it wasn’t enough for me–it was all too new, too with it. And according to K-Hole and Tumblr, who had declared the new fashion movement of #normcore (Tumblr by accident, admittedly), I was too modern and needed to go back a few years to make myself more in-the-moment. I needed the blandness of instinctual color pairing, knowing what shades went together, the right structure of negative space versus content in a picture that would represent the meaningless of life.

See, according to the fashion magazines and experimental blogs online, what’s actually cool is virtual reality. The two foremost mediums of that virtual reality gracing blogs and fashion mags right now is earlier versions of The Sims, and 2007-era pics of Second Life. Some people are unaware right now that their pictures are being yanked from Flickr and shared across blogs everywhere, not exactly parodied but halfway that, plus glorified for their alter-persona living their pop-culture-pixel dream against a computerized landscape. IMVU comes in third, with their retro-now-ness being the ‘it’ thing, but still coming in last for lameness and popularity.

And the more aimless your Flickr picture is, the better. Is your alpha missing on a shoe from an old photo of you sporting a sculpty heel? That is so #normcore. Are you sporting a polo from a freebie sim? That’s #normcore. Got a texture pirate shirt you snagged from a marketplace store? That’s so #normcore it’s possibly #seinfeldcore. And the fact you’re dressing so retro as what people imagine Second Life avatars *should* be dressing like, is so meta and lame that it makes you cool.

I’m telling you–indie is dead. Accidental lameness is what’s the now.

So how do you get the #normcore look? What can you do to seem cool?


Here are some tips to get that virtual-meta-core fashion without tipping the scales into trying-too-hard territory:

1. Shop at freebie stores and buy texture clothing from your favorite shops. The older, the better. Seams are IN. Sport it without shame. You are the user who doesn’t live too much with their avatar, who flirts shamelessly with errors and a margin for the human element. Bonus if you find Chip Midnight’s clothing. Actually even his most recent stuff from Futurewave is still pretty #normcore, due to its self-awareness. Even his new mesh avatar is #normcore because it’s cyberpunk, and since we’re playing an online game, cyberpunk = webpunk. Actually, okay. All cyberpunk clothing is in. Ask Sian Pearl. She was actually in Novembre magazine recently (YOU NEED TO BUY THAT ISSUE BECAUSE IT IS SO NORMCORE IT IS TOO COOL FOR YOU AND SHE IS THE COOLEST AVATAR IN SECOND LIFE CURRENTLY. NO THIS IS NOT A JOKE.  THIS REALLY HAPPENED.).

2. Ruth your hair. Yes, that’s right. Ruth it. Ruth it all day long. If you aren’t brave enough, just use old sculpt hair. Buy old hair from B@re Rose in a funky color, or old Nylon outfitters creations. Boom! #normcore at your front door. You are so cool without realizing it.

3. Don’t flaunt it. Don’t go overboard. It’s okay to sport SOME mesh stuff, just don’t go completely there or else it’s like you’re doing too much. You want a little retro for your look or else hel-lo, 2now4us.

4. Don’t wear an AO. AO’s are for people into their avatars. Are you into your avatar if you’re #normcore? No. You are not.

Now you’ve been transformed, go into Edit mode and stay that way forever. Your arms held out like Moses parting the sea, you’ve opened a path into the future, a personal virtual sidewalk that paves the way into your #nowness forever. You are the dream of the forever online young adult searching for meaning in their life. Engage. Move foreward. Never look back, or you’ll turn into salt.



What I’m Wearing
Random Freebie Store – Black PVC Jacket
Pink Fuel Skin
Hair by CM – Hanging Front Curls
Mon Tissu – Denim – 1929 Cigarette (Gray)



Futurewave is here!  There’s a ton of cool stuff on sale right now by an amazing group of creators, so click here to see what you’ll find by visiting.  When I wear cyberpunk clothing, I like to mix it with casual fashion.  I don’t believe everyone in the future would simply walk around wearing skintight catsuits and nothing else–not for an informal outfit, anyway.

And whoa, whoa, whoa!  I’m wearing texture jeans!  Yeah, I still wear them. In fact, lately I’m into ‘retro’ SL fashion, and will purposefully go out and buy old releases.  So, those texture jeans and shirts?  Break ’em out if you haven’t already and pair ’em up with your favorite mesh clothing.

I need to blog Futurewave outfits paired up with C88 releases, because both themes are in sync with each other this month.  That makes for some great possibilities in pictures.

Do you still wear texture clothing?  Do you like retro SL fashion?  Do you think it should be called retro, or vintage?  Or do you think all of it is tacky and you should wear mesh clothing only?  Let me know in the comments!


Also, I need to create more montages like the pic above because they’re insanely fun.

What I’m Wearing:
Pink Fuel – Sora (Alabaster, Special Edition)*
Monso – My Baseball Jacket
Mon Tissu – 1929 Cigarette Jeans
Graves – Velocity Suit (Clear Latex)*
Paper Moon – Holovisor*
[ a.e.meth ] – Gynoid 9 Hair (Blue)*

*Available at Futurewave.

Snow Queen

Snow Queen

“Really, Cake? You had to do a snow photoshoot?” Yes! And hasn’t it been kind of disgusting outside? Unless you’re in one of the lucky areas of the world where you aren’t dealing with white stuff piled outside your door, you know exactly why this winter needs to hurry up and leave–quickly.

So if you’re someone dealing with a lot of snow outside, what have you been doing to keep warm? I’ve got something similar to this heating up my studio. It’s little more than a glorified blow dryer, but it keeps the room pretty toasty!

Today I’m wearing Nylon Outfitters’ Sequin Mermaid gown, with MiaMai’s Sian headdress and Serenata shoulder-pieces.  All three of these items feature hand-drawn texturing–especially the headdress!  I recommend you buy that right away.  It’s a gorgeous piece of art that deserves to be ogled over and over.

Do you have any favorite headdresses in SL?  Are you currently dealing with piles and piles of snow and polar vortex insanity?  Any tips for staying warm?  Let me know in the comments!

Snow Queen

What I’m Wearing:

 Pink Fuel Skin
Dress: Nylon Outfitters – Sequin Mermaid Dress (White)
Headdress: MIAMAI – Sian Headdress
Shoulders: MIAMAI – Serenata (shoulderpads only)

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