True Blood

True Blood

Do you love True Blood? I found this cool Crybaby (Blood) tattoo from SongBird and thought it would make a lovely True Blood inspired picture. If you’re up for the challenge, make YOUR own TB vamp or any type of vamp inspired picture and comment on this post with the link to it. Here’s something from cheLLe that might help you along :)

What I’m Wearing:

Wasabi Pills – Donna (Ethereal) @ Hair Fair 2013
SongBird – Crybaby (Blood)
SongBird – Half Sheer Tanks (Blue)
Monso – My Bunny Band Gift (Black) Skull… Read the rest at JuicyBomb!

What’s YOUR Beauty Base Zero?

Zero Base Beauty challenge

One of my blogging goals this year, is to take part in blog challenges put forth by other SL bloggers! Today I am doing the What’s YOUR Beauty Base Zero? from Portia Pexington.

So this is the first installment of what I’m calling my “Stylin’ Ain’t Easy” tribute to SL blogging. It’s not definitive but it is a peek at how I operate. The first step for me is what I have named my BB-0 (Beauty Base Zero); it’s a term I’ve pillaged from book two of The Hunger Games trilogy because the concept was dead on. It’s where you start, imagining your nails are perfect, your hair is tied back and you’re staring into a mirror, or your closet, wondering what the heck you’re going to wear today.

Read the rest at JuicyBomb!

Blog Challenge: Twilight Inspired Look


I’m a Twilight fan, if you are too, you should join me in this blog challenge. I’m making a Vampire Bella-inspired look, based on Breaking Dawn 2. I just love her casual style, and it’s pretty easy to recreate in SL. I didn’t change my shape or get a “Bella” skin, but I think I still managed to make a pretty nice SL Bella.

If you want to do this challenge, you can pick any character from Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, or Breaking Dawn 1 and 2. The characters can be based on the novel or the movie, from any time period in their life (past or present).… Read the rest at JuicyBomb!



I love challenges that requires NO PHOTOSHOP! I’m forever amazed by how nice residents in SL can capture photographs with just the in-world tools available to everyone. I remember when we didn’t have Windlight, Shadows, or Depth of Field!! I think all of these things make it so easy to capture reasonably nice looking photographs with little effort. If you’re up for a challenge, check out Unedited!

For the image above, I modified one of Torley’s Windlight settings and enabled Depth of Field.

From the Unedited challenge group info:

This is a blogging/photography challenge put together by Harlow Heslop. Your challenge is to take a completely unedited photograph in Second Life.

Read the rest at JuicyBomb!

LaGyo, ChouChou


Gidge is right, everybody goes to Chouchou. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts at trying to take pictures on some lush jungle sims, gave up and went to ChouChou. With minimal objects rezzed, ChouChou is perfect for fashion photography, even with 20 other people roaming around the sim while I was there, I felt no lag.

I wasn’t going to wear a bra top underneath this prim Chimera drape from LaGyo, but I decided to be appropriate and cover up my nipples! I’m also wearing the matching Bird of pray necklace, and Chimera headpiece.

Find LaGyo & many others @ the Epoch-Legend fashion and art festival.… Read the rest at JuicyBomb!

Rose Garden


Someone mentioned that I haven’t done a Bubblegum Weekends post in awhile, so today is Pink hair day for me!! I promise to do it more frequently, but you guys should too, cos the challenge is on every weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).

I’m wearing the newest Domino hairstyle from Exile (it’s mesh!) and this hair is only available at Juicy Crush On You for now. Come and get it!

What I’m Wearing:

Exile – Domino (BabyDoll) (@ Juicy Crush On You)
G-Field – Puff-Sleeve Tops (Baby Pink)
G-Field – Flower Pumps “Eve” White
G-Field Straw Floppy Hat (Rose Garden)
Caroline’s Jewelry – Angel Necklace in Silver (@ Juicy Crush On You)… Read the rest at JuicyBomb!

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