If you’re like me, you don’t want your SL too perfect. A slight feeling of quirkyness to your online experience is more your style.

So what do you get the girl who wants her virtual world a bit artsy and hand-drawn? Why, the new Gemini skin from [ a.e.meth ], of course!

[ a.e.meth ] - Gemini Skin

The Gemini skin set from [ a.e.meth ] comes with four system skin shades, PLUS an Omega applier hud. All Omega-friendly heads and bodies will be able to wear this skin.

Please try the demo before buying! You can purchase the full package here or at the mainstore for 250L.

A note: The Gemini skin [edit: we tested it on Catwa and it LOOKS GREAT]. It looks amazing on Lelutka but I haven’t received their dev kit yet (they’re slow to distribute and god knows if I’ll even get picked) It favors Logo heads and looks good on Slink.

I will begin porting this skin to the Kemono bodies next. If you wear another mesh head and want me to try and make an applier for that, please let me know in the comments!

Lipsticks and makeup coming up for all heads now. Thanks!


LOGO Alex v3

LOGO Alex v3

Did you know that mesh heads have been around for three years? I blogged about the first LOGO Infinity Chloe mesh head back in November 2012. I’m not surprised that they’ve been around for this long, yet residents were slow to embrace mesh heads due to a number of factors. Prior to the introduction of mesh bodies, appliers for skin were only available for individual body parts. The mesh heads that were available, did not offer kits for skin designers to create appliers, so it lacked mass appeal. With the availability of skin appliers, I started seeing more residents embrace them and the coverage for all things mesh body and mesh heads expanded.

LOGO Alex v3

I embrace mesh heads from brands that delivered pretty faces, yet I find myself always going back to my default SL face. I was able to make the mesh heads ‘me’ but the novelty wore off once I felt that my avatar and photos were indistinguishable from dozens of others in SL. The latest LOGO Alex v3.0 update delivers so much customization (OMEGA tattoo makeups!), that I feel will benefit mesh heads wearers and help set these doll faces apart. You should read about all the new updates, there are too many new awesome features to mention.

LOGO Alex v3

I predict that within a year or two, there will be so many mesh heads (and skin appliers) that it will be impossible to tell that someone is wearing a mesh head, or which brand it came from. For me, the thing that will put one mesh head above another is the efficient scripting and beautiful expressive emotions. My favorite head is from LOGO, due to the dozens of different combinations of expressions that I can create by mixing and matching the eyes and mouth. Other mesh heads have nice features too, but for me, LOGO is definitely the most fun to wear.

For this review, I am wearing the Aria skin applier by Lara Hurley. I haven’t worn Lara skins in a very long time, but mesh heads have definitely gotten me to try brands that I don’t normally wear. I’ve observed that with the recent interest in mesh heads, lots of older skin brands have seen a revived interest in their skins.

For some reason, I wrote a novel today, so let’s end this post with a question that I have for you guys. Do you have a favorite mesh head and skin combination? Let me know in the comments and I will check it out! :)

What I’m Wearing:

LOGO Alex v3 (mesh head)
Lara Hurley – Aria (Pale) skin applier
Truth Hair – Amoret
Tres Blah – Cropped Sweatshirt (White)



“What failure? Where?” you ask, because the title of this post is certainly intriguing, isn’t it? There’s no failure in this picture. But ah, that’s where I’ve got you. It’s on my face. Look closer.

You probably recognize it–a style of skins I’ve attempted before. I released three in the past, plus one mesh head that didn’t sell too well. Would you like to know something else? There were seven more skin attempts I went through that never saw the light of day. I never showed anyone anything because I was afraid of people laughing at me.

I worked on this one after creating an amalgamation of my failure skins together, blending each face until a new one appeared from the combined Photoshop layers. I kept working on them, and then put them on several different mesh heads to see what spots on the face needed improvement and what didn’t. When I was done, I showed my friends. And many of them liked it! I was shocked because–all that failure. All that failure. What made the “no” finally turn into a “yes”?

Passing that threshold for a lot of people also means crossing a line of fear. You are not used to “yes”. You’re used to “no”, “stop”, “wait just a little longer”, which after a while you accept future notions of rejection and stop putting in so much effort. You accept yourself as less-than, you stop reaching so high. When a “yes” finally appears, it becomes you that is hesitant. What if you proceed only to find another “no” somewhere down the line? What if someone doesn’t like the idea of you doing well and tries to make that happen for you?

If you think I might be using the progress of creating a skin as a larger metaphor, you’re right. I might even be talking about another area of my life right now, a parallel story in rl that I may never tell you.

Life is full of secret skin failures. Each one held a lesson for me in what mistakes I made in the past. And I think it’s funny that by combining them, I created a skin that works. Maybe not everyone would like it, but certainly a lot more than in the past. And that’s a good enough starting point for me. I can build from there.

You can, too, with whatever you’re doing. Sort through those failures. Collate them and think about what lesson each one held. There’s a “yes” if you combine them. It’s all in the arrangement.

What I’m Wearing

Skin: My own! Coming soon.
Shirt/Vest/Pants: Azuchi – Archer set*
Neck/Collar: Peqe – Royal Neck*
Hair: Moon – Boa
Cloak: Peqe – Monster Vest (Black)
Scratches: Skinnery – Markings*
Pose – !bang

*available at We <3 Roleplay this month.

Song: Eduard Artemyev – “Siberiade” Theme
(which was later remixed into a popular version by PPK)

Autumn Dreams

Autumn Dreams

I love autumn landscaping in SL so much! It’s so beautiful, cozy, and colorful. I hope that residents in SL don’t rush towards snowy winter landscaping too early this year, so we can enjoy a longer virtual autumn season and not rush right into Christmas. I’m at KiLu, if you want to visit this gorgeous sim!

My sweet outfit today consists of the Annabelle Dress and Leonie Cardigan from The Secret Store, for Collabor88. My hair is the Looking Back style from Exile, for We Love RP, accessorized with a headband. I am wearing the new Sydney Booties from Ingenue in Nutmeg color, which matches perfectly with my belt! I love when I’m able to match colors from different brands together.

Autumn Dreams

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel Skin
Exile – Looking Back @ We Love RP
pr!tty – Enchanted Headband Branch Wrap Lights (Double)
The Secret Store – Annabelle Dress (Chalk) @ Collabor88
The Secret Store – Leonie Cardigan (Coral) @ Collabor88
Ingenue – Sydney Booties (Nutmeg) @ Collabor88
Birdy/Alchemy – Spring Babes – Fawn RARE

SLink Physique Hourglass

SLink Physique Hourglass

I’ve always been happy with my SLink Physique body, but some residents wanted more curves and thicker thighs, etc. The newest  SLink Physique Hourglass body delivers ample curves and is noticeably thicker. You’ll see this body reviewed many times, so I’ll make this short and sweet.

Out of the box, the Hourglass body on my shape is way too curvy for my taste. I find the waist to hip ratio too extreme, but some residents seem to favor this look. With three slider tweaks (Waist, Love Handles, Breast Size), I was able to adjust my shape to something more moderate that still looks curvy without being extreme. As you can see, I am still my usual size, with slightly thicker thighs, which are lovely!

SLink Physique Hourglass

The new HUD is amazing, cos you can now toggle various sections of the body on/off, without having to click many parts individually.

Let me know if you’ve tried the new SLink Physique Hourglass body, and if you will be switching to it! I haven’t decided what I will do yet, but I will spend some more time tweaking the body so the proportions are my idea of well-balanced.

What I’m Wearing:

Nothing, lol.
Pink Fuel Skin
Truth Hair – Foxy
Ingenue – Mara Flats (Latte)

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