Futurewave is here!  There’s a ton of cool stuff on sale right now by an amazing group of creators, so click here to see what you’ll find by visiting.  When I wear cyberpunk clothing, I like to mix it with casual fashion.  I don’t believe everyone in the future would simply walk around wearing skintight catsuits and nothing else–not for an informal outfit, anyway.

And whoa, whoa, whoa!  I’m wearing texture jeans!  Yeah, I still wear them. In fact, lately I’m into ‘retro’ SL fashion, and will purposefully go out and buy old releases.  So, those texture jeans and shirts?  Break ‘em out if you haven’t already and pair ‘em up with your favorite mesh clothing.

I need to blog Futurewave outfits paired up with C88 releases, because both themes are in sync with each other this month.  That makes for some great possibilities in pictures.

Do you still wear texture clothing?  Do you like retro SL fashion?  Do you think it should be called retro, or vintage?  Or do you think all of it is tacky and you should wear mesh clothing only?  Let me know in the comments!


Also, I need to create more montages like the pic above because they’re insanely fun.

What I’m Wearing:
Pink Fuel – Sora (Alabaster, Special Edition)*
Monso – My Baseball Jacket
Mon Tissu – 1929 Cigarette Jeans
Graves – Velocity Suit (Clear Latex)*
Paper Moon – Holovisor*
[ a.e.meth ] – Gynoid 9 Hair (Blue)*

*Available at Futurewave.

Curio is back!

Curio - Nadia

Welcome back, Curio! After a long hiatus, Curio is back with three new skins and seven new skin tones! Each skin comes with one standard brows color, and bonus brows colors in the megapack. I’m wearing Nadia, this skin is my favorite from this release, cos the brows are fantastic and the face shading is really fresh and lovely.

Curio - Nadia

Brows — Blonde, Brunette, Ginger, Black

These new skins do not have appliers for the SLink hands and feet! For myself, that is a must have with any skin that I wear since I won’t take off my hands and feet, and I’d like them to match!… Read the rest at JuicyBomb!

Mother Goose, Alison

Mother Goose

Have you seen the new Alison skin from Mother Goose? This porcelain skin with light brows comes in 6 makeup, and teeth version. I probably would not wear this skin daily, but I think it’s so doll-like and pretty! I think the skin tone is super porcelain pale, much too light for my preference, but lots of SLers seem to like it!

Mother Goose

This tone comes in 6 dolly makeups, visit Mother Goose for the Alison skin and more!

What I’m Wearing:

Exile – Whispers
MALT – Selena Dress (S) Seafoam… Read the rest at JuicyBomb!

Pink Fuel Harley

Pink Fuel - Harley

Meet Harley from Pink Fuel. I could gush about this new skin forever, but I think you already know it I’m a big fan of PF skins and wear almost exclusively now.

The new Harley skin from Pink Fuel is the most exciting skin to hit the grid. Mochi has truly outdone herself with this beautiful skin and all the options available. There are 10 skin tones to choose from,  nose and eyelid options, tattoo makeup, 5 brows colors or no brows, 2 brows style, and much more!

Pink Fuel - Harley

I’m wearing a mix of all the eyelid options and brows.… Read the rest at JuicyBomb!

Pink Fuel, Harley Skin

New skin from Pink Fuel is such a thrill for me, cos it’s my favorite skin brand on the grid. My avatar goes with the PF flow, whatever face is new, is usually the one that I’ll be wearing for months until the next one comes along. I’m okay with that! Are you loyal to one skin brand/look, or do you like to switch it up often?

Pink Fuel - Harley skin

This new Harley skin will be available at The Arcade (on June 1st, just a few hours away!), and is $100L per play. The super rare one, that is not featured on Mochi’s skin guide, has f-r-e-c-k-l-e-s!… Read the rest at JuicyBomb!

Curio Skin Sale

Curio Skin

It’s a Spring Close-Out Sale at Curio! All current skins will be retired, so now is a good chance to grab some skins before they’re gone from the grid. I haven’t worn Curio in a while, but they use to be my favorite skins on the grid. I’ve worn Curio for years, so I can’t wait to see what Gala Phoenix has up her sleeves for the new release!

My wish list for new Curio skins are:

  • New skin tones (less Reddish)
  • New body, faces
  • Less matted face, so it matches the body
  • Tattoo makeup (especially lipstick)
  • Brow options for each face (Blonde, Brown, Black, Red, etc!)
  • Appliers for SLink hands and feet

What do you hope to see for the new skin release?… Read the rest at JuicyBomb!

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