At Lil’ NoNo’s, it’s always 11:59pm.  The cozy bar is set in a gutted warehouse build, overlooking a cityscape.  You’re either there because you’re lonely or looking for trouble–there are no other reasons.  Either way, there’s jazz, free drinks (and pay-for ones), cigarettes, and nooks and crannies to explore.  The music isn’t bad, either.


Take the elevator next to the bar down to the cellar.  There’s a long hallway set up with posters and invites.  You know what they lead to–other virtual parcels, yet they’re mostly set up to not hinder your experience of what Lil’ NoNo’s imitates.  There’s locked doors you can’t enter, and ones that lead to a small coffee shop and a washateria.… Read the rest at JuicyBomb!



I was too cool. I knew it.

I had on mesh clothing with the exception of some texture jeans from Mon Tissu, for layering purposes with my Fashionably Dead sweater. My Clawtooth hair hung just right around my shoulders, curling in at my neck, fresh from the C88 sim and looking good. But it wasn’t enough for me–it was all too new, too with it. And according to K-Hole and Tumblr, who had declared the new fashion movement of #normcore (Tumblr by accident, admittedly), I was too modern and needed to go back a few years to make myself more in-the-moment.… Read the rest at JuicyBomb!



Futurewave is here!  There’s a ton of cool stuff on sale right now by an amazing group of creators, so click here to see what you’ll find by visiting.  When I wear cyberpunk clothing, I like to mix it with casual fashion.  I don’t believe everyone in the future would simply walk around wearing skintight catsuits and nothing else–not for an informal outfit, anyway.

And whoa, whoa, whoa!  I’m wearing texture jeans!  Yeah, I still wear them. In fact, lately I’m into ‘retro’ SL fashion, and will purposefully go out and buy old releases.  So, those texture jeans and shirts?  Break ‘em out if you haven’t already and pair ‘em up with your favorite mesh clothing.

I need to blog Futurewave outfits paired up with C88 releases, because both themes are in sync with each other this month.  That makes for some great possibilities in pictures.

Do you still wear texture clothing?  Do you like retro SL fashion?  Do you think it should be called retro, or vintage?  Or do you think all of it is tacky and you should wear mesh clothing only?  Let me know in the comments!


Also, I need to create more montages like the pic above because they’re insanely fun.

What I’m Wearing:
Pink Fuel – Sora (Alabaster, Special Edition)*
Monso – My Baseball Jacket
Mon Tissu – 1929 Cigarette Jeans
Graves – Velocity Suit (Clear Latex)*
Paper Moon – Holovisor*
[ a.e.meth ] – Gynoid 9 Hair (Blue)*

*Available at Futurewave.

Snow Queen

Snow Queen

“Really, Cake? You had to do a snow photoshoot?” Yes! And hasn’t it been kind of disgusting outside? Unless you’re in one of the lucky areas of the world where you aren’t dealing with white stuff piled outside your door, you know exactly why this winter needs to hurry up and leave–quickly.

So if you’re someone dealing with a lot of snow outside, what have you been doing to keep warm? I’ve got something similar to this heating up my studio. It’s little more than a glorified blow dryer, but it keeps the room pretty toasty!

Today I’m wearing Nylon Outfitters’ Sequin Mermaid gown, with MiaMai’s Sian headdress and Serenata shoulder-pieces.… Read the rest at JuicyBomb!

The Internet Is Terrible

The Internet Is TerribleThis morning I tried to get into The Seasons Story to get Beetlebones’ new corgi pet, but it was so laggy I couldn’t walk around much!  I’m pretty disappointed about the shopping trip being a bust, so I’ll just show you this cool avatar from Water Horse instead.

I’m the type of Second Life user who likes offbeat avatars.  I have a petite, all of the avatars from Nuville Horrors, and various tiny avatars I’ve collected over time.  If it’s weird, comes with an AO, and will make people stop and stare at it, then I’m wearing it.

So when I saw someone wearing this deer avatar on a random sim, I had to have it!… Read the rest at JuicyBomb!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year

It’s 2014!

You made it, time flies, year went by so fast, this one’ll be better, etc.  Did you have a good holiday?  Did you get anything?  My family exchanges presents, but we put a priority on wishing each other well and telling each other how much each person means to us.  For New Years’, I spent my time partying with my mates at an art studio.  There was general running around and prank-pulling that day.

Since Christmas and New Years’ have passed, it’s time to talk about resolutions.  I originally said I wasn’t going to do any, but I actually could manage some.… Read the rest at JuicyBomb!

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