Know your Mesh Lashes

Mon Cheri

I love lashes, my avatar feels naked without them! I won’t go anywhere without my prim/mesh lashes, so I’m always looking for new ones to add to my collection. Mon Cheri just released the new Falsies lashes that includes a fantastic HUD to change between 3 styles, and different textures style such as Solid, Dipped, Glitter, Natural, or even plain White, so you can tint them any color you want!

Mon Cheri

I think that these lashes are really nice, and easy to fit, but they’re also very full & long. When I wear these, I will probably not wear the lower lashes, and just wear the top lashes + some more subtle lower lashes.… Read the rest at JuicyBomb!

How to make poses in Second Life, part 2 / mirror

This is How to make poses in Second Life, part 2! I will show you guys a super easy way to mirror poses in DAZ Studio (version 4.6). Big thanks to Melanie, who showed me how to do this last year!

How to make poses in Second Life, part 2 / mirror

How to Mirror Poses in Daz Studio

1. Select the figure in the Scene Tab.
(You can also select the figure simply by clicking on the SL avatar in the main window. I usually click on the Pelvis to select.)

2. Click on the ‘Active Tab’ options button on the Parameters Tab. This button is in the upper right corner of the tab.Read the rest at JuicyBomb!

Editing Shape w/o the Light & Pose

Editing Shape w/o the Light & Pose

It use to drive me insane when I tried to edit my shape, and the glaring bright light made it impossible to see my avatar’s features! I also was not a fan of the ‘edit’ pose, cos I prefer to use my own poses — even when I’m editing jewelry or clothes. A few years ago, I think SL introduced a feature in the official viewer (and maybe TPVs too), to  uncheck going into the automatic position for appearance and build/edit. I’ll show you guys how!

I had assumed that many people already knew about this lil’ feature, but I asked my friends and some of them didn’t know.… Read the rest at JuicyBomb!

New Clouds for Second Life

new clouds

New Clouds! Cumulo-Nimbus

Cotton Candy Skies

Default SL Clouds

Tired of looking at the same old clouds? Check out these gorgeous new clouds, first available in the Firestorm viewer over three weeks ago. I don’t use a Third Party Viewer, so I didn’t get a chance to play with them, until Ziki showed me how to get these gorgeous clouds in the official Second Life Viewer too!

Vincent Nacon created the cloud files, and has a clouds tutorial for Firestorm posted on the Second Life Forum.

If you want these files in the official Second Life viewer, just download the clouds2.tga file, and replace the existing clouds2.tga file in your Second Life folder on your computer.… Read the rest at JuicyBomb!, Online Photo Editor

Today my Plurk friends told me about a new online photo editor called Ribbet! Last year, when Picnik integrated with Google (closed), a bunch of us (former Picnik addicts) went to Picmonkey. I liked Picmonkey a lot, I even signed up or a whole year of premium service. However, it lacked one really important feature that Picnik had, which is the ability to upload directly to Flickr, instead of having to save the image first to hard drive, then re-upload to Flickr.

I took Ribbet for a test drive today, and I’m already a fan. It has everything that Picnik had, and more!… Read the rest at JuicyBomb!

How to sell Lindens

Do you know how Market Sell vs. Limit Sell differs? If you don’t, you’re losing money every time you cash out your Lindens. I discovered back in 2007 after selling Lindens a few times, that I could set a better rate than what’s offered by default on the Linden Dollar Exchange.

First, go to L$ Exchange Settings in your dashboard and change the Interface Mode from Basic -> to Advanced.

How to sell Lindens $L

Then go to the Sell L$ page and look at the Open Sell Orders at the Best 20 Rates, and decide what Exchange Rate you want to sell at. I typically sell at L$248/$1.00US (sells almost instantly, if there’s less than a million Lindens listed already), or some people sell at L$247/$1.00US and the wait may be a few hours to a few days.… Read the rest at JuicyBomb!

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