Portraits Of Second Lifers

Portraits of Second Lifers


I know. I’ve been absent. I’ve been working! And boating, and relaxing, and trying not to do anything, yadda yadda… anyway. I’m back to show you an exhibit I’ve put up for SL13B, Second Life’s 13th’s birthday celebration.

I have to admit, I never took part of this or was even interested before. I think I went once a few years ago and remember feeling a bit disappointed. But this year, there’s a lot of cool exhibits to check out, especially the theme park ride at MadPea (which I rode twice) and the exhibit by Contraption (which is an awesome gargantuan statue).

So, my contribution is an exhibit where I’ve gathered all RL and digital portraits I’ve done of SL players. Some of the work I’m showing off has been painted for real and sold. Some of it were digital commissions. There’s also narration that explains everything.

You can check out my exhibit here. Oh–and there’s free art hidden around the building, so go grab it all. The exhibit posters are free too–you should save that. And if you want your own portrait, I’m having a sale right now.

See you later!

Exhibit - Portraits of Second Lifers

What I’m Wearing

Logo Alex Mesh Head
[ a.e.meth ] – Vega Skin*
Pink Fuel – Fresh Lip Tints
Lamb – Wolf
RC Cluster – News Mic
HOC Industries – Tokyo77 Shirt
Orange Pekoe – Mix&Match Sweater
Glow Studio – Sweatpants Jeans
Jian – Ferret Neck Hugger

*not out yet.

AnacondaS Wave Dancer

AnacondaS Wave Dancer Boat

The Wave Dancer. Get that free demo, yo.

When Second Life gets a bit stressful, it’s time to put down the obligations and do something fun. My suggestion? Get out on the water. Grab a free boat, visit the Blake Sea, and start sailing. Whether you do so with a motorboat like the Magellan, or a sailboat like the Fernseed Keelboat, you’re sure to calm down after listening to the sounds of the pixel ocean for a while. (Don’t forget to grab this free swim HUD too.)

After a while, you might get tired of free boats and want something a bit nicer. If you have the Lindens to spend, take a look at the AnacondaS Wave Dancer.

It’s amazing how spacious the Wave Dancer is inside. You won’t need to adjust your camera unless you prefer driving in mouselook or third-person. It also comes with a full working kitchen, bathroom/shower, cabin/bed, and dining area. There’s a media player just behind the driver’s seat for if you want to play videos while you’re out boating. The dashboard holds a fuel gage, working GPS system, and radar. Even the microwave works, which I found to be charming.

You can seat 14 people on it–great for parties or running a tour around the Blake Sea or other body of SL water. The boat turns a little too fast for my tastes in the water, but that’s because it’s meant for driving primarily in mouselook. If you’re using an Oculus with this boat, however, you’re in for a pretty great time.

The drawbacks of it are small but ultimately decided why I didn’t buy it yet. For everything the Wave Dancer has, the one thing it doesn’t is a multi-sit system. For 2900L, this is something I’m hoping the builder will fix.

You see, when you’re out boating, you need to be able to move around your boat without standing up. If your boat doesn’t have a system where you can click and choose various poses on the craft, you’re going to inevitably have to stand up–which might cause your boat to be returned while you’re in the middle of the sea. Multi-seating systems solve this problem while letting you “live” on your boat. Some boats like the A-T Portal Tug even have a roaming system that lets you walk around the boat without ever getting out of your seat.

I’ve sent a request to the Wave Dancer’s builder to see if they’re interested in implementing a multi-seating system. If they do it, I’m snatching up this boat as soon as I can.

I still highly recommend you trying out the Wave Dancer, though. The demo will let you drive the boat for up to two hours. It only counts the minutes the boat is actually in the water! It’s great for letting boaters decide if they’d like to purchase it or not.

If you know of a boat I should check out, contact me in-grid (Aemeth Lysette). For more destinations, check out the SL Sailing directory. See you on the water!




SL furniture have the craziest poses! When I find something to sit on, the built-in poses rarely ever fit me. I sat on this old chair at Baja Sands, slowed down the animation in SL, and waited patiently to capture the exact moment where my head faces forward and my hands do not intersect with my legs. It took longer to get a good shot this way, than if I had used my own poses, but I felt like a challenge today!

Today’s post is about the new feet update from SLink. Read the post over at SLink’s blog for all the news that you need to know. I’m really excited about the new HUD in the Deluxe Pack, new feet styles, and the ability to control left and right foot styles separately (great for photos!).


What I’m Wearing:

LeLutka Mesh Head – Stella
Lara Hurley Skin – Cerise
Magika – Dots
Blueberry – Lida (Bodysuit)



I highly recommend visiting the frozen wilderness of Suomi-Finland! I absolutely love uncluttered nature sims, they’re gorgeous for photos and everything rezzes super fast! I’m not exactly dressed for the winter landscape, but it works for me. I am wearing the Fool for Love hairstyle from Magika. I had a hard time deciding between the normal hair color packs or the colorful dip-dye packs. I went with the dip-dye packs cos COLORS!


I’m still wearing the LeLutka mesh head today. My friend asked me if I’ve abandoned my default SL head forever, and I don’t know the answer to that question. I just like to mix things up a bit now and then, and I’m giving this head a try until I want something else. Just because I am wearing something that’s available to the masses, that doesn’t mean that I can’t make it uniquely me. I challenge you to find someone else wearing this exact head that looks like my clone.

What I’m Wearing:

LeLutka Mesh Head – Stella
Lara Hurley Skin
Magika – Fool for Love
Teefy – Sofia Dress (Teal)
Ingenue – Jem Heels

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