What Sansar Can Learn From Its Competitors

What Sansar Can Learn From Its Competitors

Hey, Linden Labs! I know you’re working hard on two different projects right now, and that’s great. I also know you’ve mentioned being forced to do so because if you didn’t, someone else would replace the virtual worlds you’ve worked hard to build up. Right?

It’s 2017. Here are your rivals. There’s more than one:


FotoJet; Online Photo Editor


I am a huge fan of online photo editors. I have reviewed Picnik, PicMonkey, Ribbet, etc. I have used all of those services and found each one to be easy to use, fun, and definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of editing without using Photoshop.

FotoJet sent me an invite to review their online photo editor and collage maker, so I tried some of the filters and fun graphic design tools. For now, signing up for an account is FREE. I predict that once this service gains more popularity, they will introduce a fee, like some of the services I mentioned above. Usually the price is a few dollars a month, or around $20-$25 for the yearly subscription. It’s fairly cheap, if you enjoy these type of things.


I was able to edit photos, make posters, make magazine covers within a matter of minutes. Everything seen above is editable – resize the text, re-position it, or remove it entirely! If you’re looking for a fun way to jazz up your SL photos, check out FotoJet!


While I know my way around Photoshop, I really love playing with photo editors when I want to make quick edits to my photos. They’re great for adding filters and color manipulation. If you enjoy using online photo editors, let me know in the comments.

Obviously, I am not paid to write a review of FotoJet. Companies invite me to review things all the time, and I only review the services that I find beneficial or useful.

What I’m Wearing:

Exile – Half Shut Eyes
Ricielli – Jessy Top (Soft Pink)
Ricielli – Kendall Skirt (Sand)

Yabusaka Mesh Head Studio

Yabusaka Mesh Head Studio

Can you tell what kind of mesh head I’m wearing? It’s kind of borderline, isn’t it? If you see me walking around a sim, you might think I’m just very good at shape-making at first glance. But if you see my profile…ah! I’m wearing a mesh head after all. No flat Second Life face, no weird nose, a fully developed mouth instead of two weird-looking bumps.

I’m an artist with not a lot of time or patience to dedicate to 3D programs like Makehuman or Blender. So when Gogo recommended Yabusaka Loon’s mesh head program to me, I hopped on the chance to try it out. (more…)

Book Readers in Second Life

The Other World, Issue One

Do you read books in Second Life? There are some authors who sell their books in the grid for the love of sharing their craft with others. I’m one of them! For The Crystal Heart Festival, I launched a new comic series dealing with magical beings, sexuality, gender, and a deadly realm. It’s called The Other World and you can actually buy a copy and read it in Second Life.

Here’s a picture of what the HUD readers look like.

Tablet reader HUDs

You add the readers to yourself and it shows up as either the tablet or book model, depending on what you’ve chosen. The author of the book can divide up chapters for easy navigation. If you stop on a page and take the HUD off, the tablet will remember where you paused.

If you’re an author who wants to use this awesome system to publish, you can get it on the marketplace here. It’s called Book Builder Publishing System and I recommend it!

So why buy The Other World? Simply put, it’s kickass and it shows a lot of different superheroes than just your typical Perpetually Single White Cis Hetero Male archetype. We’ve got plenty of those out there. My cowriter and I brought a lot of diversity to the table on this and we know we’ll find the right readers who are hungry for it.

Page from second story, Code Name D

Click here to visit The Crystal Heart Festival and buy a copy of The Other World! You can also buy the PDF copy online here.

My Wishlist For Project Sansar

My Wishlist For Sansar

What would it take to make Sansar thoroughly engaging? Sure, Linden Lab can update the graphics and make it much easier to load and navigate the game, which I imagine they’re doing right now. But what would make it stand out from the previous grid? What would draw in new users, as well as ones from SL?

This is an ongoing list that readers are welcome to add to. If you want to suggest a feature here, please do so in the comment section! Maybe someone from the Lab will see it and think it’s a good idea, too.


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