Flamingo Buddies

Say hello to my new friends, the Summer Flamingo Buddies from Ohmai. THIS IS AMAZING. I love tropical things and beach landscapes in SL, so naturally I also adore flamingos! I’ve always had them on my sim cos they’re Pink … Continue reading


I went to a dark and scary place… H220! I love the monotone colors and constant rain here. It is creepy, serene, and lifeless. For some reason I thought this would make a great backdrop for my very non-creepy outfit today … Continue reading

Striped Bunny

Hi! I wanted to write a really long post personal post tonight, but I backspaced cos nobody wants to read some sappy stuff. I miss my SL friends, and having lots of time to manage my sims and organize my inventory. … Continue reading


It’s Windy today! Look at my hair! I love this new Splayed hairstyle from Ploom, it’s really great for “windy” photos or even laying down. I want more hairstyles in SL for specific situations like beachy hair, wet hair, laying down, … Continue reading


Hello! I am at the Amazon River, it was on the SL Destination Guide so I thought it might be pretty cool to visit. It was alright – a bit underwhelming cos of the default library plants (you can see some … Continue reading

Sea Adventures

Hello! I’m diving today at Mittandraland Mermaid Haven! This sim is great to swim around and explore all the different underwater areas! So happy I found this place in search, cos it’s a great place to show off pieces from The Secret Store’s Sea Adventure … Continue reading


If you’re not in the [Pink Fuel] group in-world, get in there now! Mochi Milena just sent out the most amazing Harley skin pack to the group which includes a full skin, lip gloss, eyeshadows, and appliers. The skin pack is a … Continue reading

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