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This round of Collabor88 is pretty interesting, the theme is New Americana. I am in the mood for some patriotic things, so I picked up the Lana Romper in this lovely red, white, and blue pattern. I also got the matching Sage Lacey Jacket; I’ll find a reason to wear this a lot. Both are from The Secret Store. I also found some adorable patio chairs and matching parasol from Soy for my sim. I even found a classic Coca-Cola sign to pose in front of, and you can’t get much more American than this!

I’m also wearing NEW LASHES from FateLashes in this post. I wanted to do a close-up picture, but just watch the video on youtube, it’s everything you need to know. I love these lashes, they are well worth the money. I especially love that I can fit one side, then use the HUD to mirror it on the other side so I don’t have to fit it twice! L-O-V-E.

Have you heard of Luxe Box? There are a few hours left to join Luxe Box, a new monthly subscription service in SL. The price for this month is $1,000L, but apparently that price will go higher, maybe even double or triple the following months. I have subscribed to many subscription boxes in RL, mostly for beauty products. I prefer the boxes with previews, and so I can choose to buy it if I like the products on offer. I tend to unsubscribe from boxes without previews, since the products end up too random and not my style. Which is why I haven’t joined Luxe Box but I still have a few hours to decide! My friends tell me that the first month, since they’re still in the promotion phase, lots of designers will give out fatpacks. Fatpacks of what, though?

The idea is intriguing, but I think it is deliberate that the items are not previewed. You can’t blame the designers for wanting to know exactly how much they will make for their effort before choosing to send out 1 item or a fatpack. It’s easy to do the math and figure out how much money each brand will earn for the month. Maybe I’m too logical, and the reason is something more simple like, they think SLer’s enjoy surprises. Do we? Will you pay money to get random surprises or are you more willing to buy a box with previews? Let me know in the comments!

What I’m Wearing:

Truth Hair – Coco
The Secret Store – Lana Romper (Coral); Sage Lacey Jacket (Chalk)

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The LODE Flickr page is so gorgeous and inspiring. I have forgotten what it feels like to be excited about a brand, especially something in the accessories/jewelry niche. LODE reminds me a lot of Donna Flora, so lovely and unique. I love flowers, and being able to include floral elements into my looks is a lot better than simply decorating with them!

What I’m Wearing:

Truth Hair – Kera
LODE – Head Accessory (Phebe) Light Pink
Fishy Strawberry – Mistral Bodysuit (White)

Second Life Blogger since 2007. If you’re reading this about me blurb, then you’re already at my blog. Welcome to JuicyBomb! I write about fashion and events on the grid that appeals to me.

Coffee in Casablanca

Coffee in Casablanca

Love this place! I’m at Casablanca.

What I’m Wearing:

pr!tty – Little Buds (Floral Headband)
pr!tty – May (Rootless)
The Secret Store – Eva Lacey Tank (Mint)
The Secret Store – Paula Denim Shorts (Chalk)

Second Life Blogger since 2007. If you’re reading this about me blurb, then you’re already at my blog. Welcome to JuicyBomb! I write about fashion and events on the grid that appeals to me.

AnacondaS Wave Dancer

AnacondaS Wave Dancer Boat

The Wave Dancer. Get that free demo, yo.

When Second Life gets a bit stressful, it’s time to put down the obligations and do something fun. My suggestion? Get out on the water. Grab a free boat, visit the Blake Sea, and start sailing. Whether you do so with a motorboat like the Magellan, or a sailboat like the Fernseed Keelboat, you’re sure to calm down after listening to the sounds of the pixel ocean for a while. (Don’t forget to grab this free swim HUD too.)

After a while, you might get tired of free boats and want something a bit nicer. If you have the Lindens to spend, take a look at the AnacondaS Wave Dancer.

It’s amazing how spacious the Wave Dancer is inside. You won’t need to adjust your camera unless you prefer driving in mouselook or third-person. It also comes with a full working kitchen, bathroom/shower, cabin/bed, and dining area. There’s a media player just behind the driver’s seat for if you want to play videos while you’re out boating. The dashboard holds a fuel gage, working GPS system, and radar. Even the microwave works, which I found to be charming.

You can seat 14 people on it–great for parties or running a tour around the Blake Sea or other body of SL water. The boat turns a little too fast for my tastes in the water, but that’s because it’s meant for driving primarily in mouselook. If you’re using an Oculus with this boat, however, you’re in for a pretty great time.

The drawbacks of it are small but ultimately decided why I didn’t buy it yet. For everything the Wave Dancer has, the one thing it doesn’t is a multi-sit system. For 2900L, this is something I’m hoping the builder will fix.

You see, when you’re out boating, you need to be able to move around your boat without standing up. If your boat doesn’t have a system where you can click and choose various poses on the craft, you’re going to inevitably have to stand up–which might cause your boat to be returned while you’re in the middle of the sea. Multi-seating systems solve this problem while letting you “live” on your boat. Some boats like the A-T Portal Tug even have a roaming system that lets you walk around the boat without ever getting out of your seat.

I’ve sent a request to the Wave Dancer’s builder to see if they’re interested in implementing a multi-seating system. If they do it, I’m snatching up this boat as soon as I can.

I still highly recommend you trying out the Wave Dancer, though. The demo will let you drive the boat for up to two hours. It only counts the minutes the boat is actually in the water! It’s great for letting boaters decide if they’d like to purchase it or not.

If you know of a boat I should check out, contact me in-grid (Aemeth Lysette). For more destinations, check out the SL Sailing directory. See you on the water!


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Pay Lower Second Life Tier and Get Faster Cash Out!

Let’s talk about some exciting new Second Life changes. Skip this if you don’t cash out or don’t own a full region. Read this if you want to save money!

I’m a patient person when it comes to Second Life credit processing times. I convert the lindens to USD via the LindeX exchange to pay my tier. On the rare occasion that I do cash out, the money usually arrives at my PayPal account within 5 days. Linden Lab just implemented new fees, along with the promise of faster credit processing time. I tested it this week, and the cash out time is 1 day. That’s sort of amazing! The new 1.5% of the transaction value fee isn’t really that much, since I’ve read that a lot of residents are happier with faster processing time.

Do you want to pay lower full region tier? Of course you do! Linden Lab just offered the option for current sim owners to “Buy Down” their region to receive grandfather pricing. Grandfathered tier for a full region is $195US/month. Everyone else who does not receive special discounts (education, large estates) pay $295/month. If you want to save money and plan on keeping your region from now until the end of the year, this is a deal.

The pricing for this offer is as follows:

  • Full Island:
    • One-time buy-down fee: $600
    • Grandfathered maintenance fee: $195/month (regularly $295/month)
  • Homestead:
    • One-time buy-down fee: $180
    • Grandfathered maintenance fee: $95/month (regularly $125/month)

Some people are grumbling about the one-time buy-down fee, but do the math! Let’s say your tier is due some time in April (after today’s date). You pay the $600 buy down fee, and instantly receive a $100/month discount going forward. From April – December, you will save $100 every month, so that’s 9 month x $100US = $900US tier discount. Take $900 – $600 = $300US savings this year. Next year, and every year after that, you will save $1200USD in tier per year. I predict that in 6 months time, land owners will feel the pressure to lower their price to stay competitive. The Buy Down offer expires October 16th, 2016, but the sooner you pay the fee, the more money that you will save this year. If you pay the fee in October, you will actually not save any money this year — $600 buy down fee – $300 tier saving ($100 month x 3 months for October, November, December) = $300 spent. So do it now for the greatest savings!!!!!!! I love math. I love saving money!


Second Life Blogger since 2007. If you’re reading this about me blurb, then you’re already at my blog. Welcome to JuicyBomb! I write about fashion and events on the grid that appeals to me.
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