New youtube!!!

I bought this Ray Knox remix off itunes just for the vid. I looove it, hope you do too. The dance floors featured in the video are all from Davo Dancefloors, the best 1 prim dance floors in SL.

Juicy Shoes

What other people are saying about Juicy shoes: Boots and slingbacks and pumps, OH MY! – Kristi Maurer Juicy Shoes – Luna Jubilee Glamorous Red – Junko Otsuka Black, gold and purple – Surarin Piek Ophelia’s Gaze: Red hot Metaverse … Continue reading

Sex Kitten Hair

This hair is the Volumy Ponytail from LYCEE and it reminds me of sex-kitten hair, it’s sooo awesome!! This sexy hairstyle calls for lingerie!! I’m wearing the Intimizzio Aufiori Chambre Sheer Set in white from Armidi. Juicy Classic Pumps in … Continue reading