The new theme didn’t last very long, cos I couldn’t figure out how to insert a banner. I thought no one would mind the theme without a giant close-up of my face, but apparently a few of you guys said you’d miss that feature! :D I will not  buy any more new themes this year, cos I just bought this one and barely used it for a month. I need an i-n-t-e-r-v-e-n-t-i-o-n!

I read Katya’s post about why some people blog, and my reason for blogging changes depending on my mood. My friend said I should blog whatever makes me happy, and if I’m not happy I should stop doing it.… Read the rest at JuicyBomb!

Deleting my entire inventory: Why?

A few weeks ago, my friend Melanie suggested that I should set a date and challenge myself (and other Second Life residents) to delete their entire inventory. We have too many old things. Dated things. Things we didn’t even open or wear. And in my case, too many (nice) things in general. The date to delete my entire inventory would be by January 1st, 2014, that’s just two days from now!!

I’m a wuss. I’m really nervous about it, and I want to do it cos I also can’t bear with the thought of possibly deleting something I might need or worst of all, something I might miss.… Read the rest at JuicyBomb!

Flickr Etiquette

I’ve been a Flickr contact of this SL resident since January 2010. I’ve always liked her stream, so today when a new image appeared on my Contacts stream, I clicked on it. It looked odd, so I showed my friends the picture. Someone pointed out that the picture is very old, from 2008 actually and not new at all. If I knew this picture was 5 years old, I wouldn’t have even commented about it, cos SL 5 years ago is dated, etc, not comparable to SL now. Anyway, I left a comment on this girl’s picture, asking if something was wrong with her Flickr stream, cos some images are now showing up as new.… Read the rest at JuicyBomb!

Collabor88, be nice to your press team

Collabor88 is a popular monthly themed event with great designers, and the support of many bloggers in Second Life. When this event was formed, Drinkinstein Sorbet (designer and event creator) asked me personally to be part of the official press/blogging team. I accepted and covered it often on my blog. After over a year of dedicated blogging, aka giving my time and blog space to promoting this event, I was tossed out of the group by one of the managers without a word. I didn’t bother asking Drinkinstein about this, but I felt that it was a poor way to treat someone who helped promote your event since its inception.… Read the rest at JuicyBomb!

Banned from an event?

Recently a few of my friends have said they’ve been banned from some sims or events, and yet they continue to want to support the designers in those events by blogging the items. This problem is unique to SL bloggers, cos even though they are banned, they still receive review copies from designers participating in those events. My advice would be to not blog the event at all, cos your presence is clearly not welcomed, why give them any publicity? It also seems fake to promote an event that you personally have not experienced, then how do you know it is worthwhile?

I wish more bloggers would have some self respect, and stop allowing their time and blog to be used by people who do not respect them.… Read the rest at JuicyBomb!

I need a new monitor!

Monitor situation update!!!! 1/18/13

Thank you so much everyone, for all of your responses! I placed an order for the HP 2511x 25-Inch LED Monitor – Black from Amazon on the 16th, and it arrived today! When I plugged it into my desktop, the monitor didn’t display any pictures using the DVI cable, so I tried it with the VGA cable (with an adapter) it worked! I wondered if my DVI ports were broken somehow, so I swapped out my current graphics card (NVidia GTX 570) with my old graphics card (NVidia GTX 260) and my monitor worked again!!!! I should have done this two days ago, prior to ordering a new monitor, but I was lazy and didn’t want to open the tower (it’s a lil’ intimidating!).… Read the rest at JuicyBomb!

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