Them Bones

Them Bones

I believe them bones are me.
Some say we’re born into the grave.

I’ve been shambling all over SL in this skeleton avatar! A free gift from Linden Labs, you can grab this skeleton at the Portal Park. I recommend pairing it with RC Cluster’s new Zombie AO. It’ll give it a perfectly creepy effect.

Right now I’ve got two things for you. The first is this mask set I made for Halloween–grab this at my mainstore or on marketplace. These masks are hand-painted and very fun, and are only 100L for the pack.

[ a.e.meth ] - Monster Masks

Next up–Burn2 is back! A digital version of the Burning Man festival, it’s a big art party that lasts a week and is full of fantastic exhibits. And guess what? You can get a free campsite there too. Mine is located here if you want to visit.

Whatever you do this month, I hope it’s fun-filled for you. Lemme know of your upcoming plans and parties in the comments! I want to drop by!

What I’m Wearing:
A skeleton. lol.

Song: Alice In Chains – Them Bones

Fall in Love

Fall in Love

I went to The Seasons Story event and had a blast! I wanted fall decor, so I played a bunch of machines that had gorgeous prim food and decor. Some decor seen here are from: Disorderly & Cureless, Silvery K, Tenacio (all found @ the event); the rest are from Tres Blah and What Next.

I also found the most amazing pair of jean shorts from Empire! These would normally be a bit too cheeky for my taste, but today it really suits my mood. The jean shorts are sold as a single pack of 20 colors, includes a HUD to change the colors/textures.

I’m doing my best to cover events that I find worthwhile, but there are just so many. I have to really like an event to recommend it to you guys, and The Seasons Story is definitely worth checking out. There are lots of free gifts at this event too.

Fall in Love

What I’m Wearing:

Wasabi Pills – Aurora Mesh Hair
Truth Hair – Sleep Mask @ Epiphany
Truth Hair – Sunday Sweater (Cute AF) @ Epiphany
Empire – Jean Shorts @ The Seasons Story
Ingenue – Jones Bootie (Noir)
Ninety – Popsicle Heart melted ment free @SaNaRae
M.I.X. – Ribbon Choker free @SaNaRae


You have to get the new dance pole from Dutchie if you love dancing in SL! I threw so many parties with the Sine Wave dances that this brings back a lot of memories. I remembered that Melanie and I were always dancing when we were noobs; I just know she would be thrilled to with this updated dance pole. I was never a stripper dancer in SL, but I craved animations cos our avatars were so awkward and stiff.

I saw a video that Dutchie posted on her Flickr, and felt inspired to do my own. I haven’t made a video in a long time, so my editing is sloppy but it was a super fun project! I hope you guys like it!

Filmed at my home, if you want to see a “house tour” let me know in the comments!

What I’m Wearing:

Magika – Heartbeat
Ricielli – Julia Minitop (Off White)
Teefy – Misty Lacey Shorts (Prims)
Ingenue – Melisande Heels (Pearl)
yolk – Bunny Earrings

Pandora Resort

Pandora Resort

Hello from Pandora Resort! I blame my computer for not rezzing all the textures properly, cos there are still some things that remained blurry. I brought along my Autumn Bicycle from What Next. It is for decorative purposes only, but there are other bikes for sale that you can ride at the store. I love autumn and will try to blog lots of seasonal things this month.

Pandora Resort

A few days ago, Caroline and I went to SaNaRae to find some goodies and discovered that most of the brands had gifts out to celebrate the 1st birthday! I love free gifts; events don’t really do this anymore, but it gives me joy when things are free. My favorite find at the event is the dolls and hair accessories from Apple Girl. I played the machine and got a head accessory, but I wanted a doll!!!!

What I’m Wearing:

Exile – Sidewinder @Collabor88
Apple Girl – Red Head accessory @SaNaRae
Yolk – Bunny Earrings free @SaNaRae
The Secret Store – Soline Draped Dress (Moss) @Collabor88
The Secret Store – Pia Quilted Jacket (Sky) @Collabor88
Ingenue – Tabitha Heels (Cider) @Collabor88
What Next – Autumn Bicycle Decor @Collabor88

Pumpkin Spice Lattes?


It’s October! You know what that means, right? Halloween, pumpkins, and coffee made with pumpkin puree that might have squash mixed into it. (Pumpkin and squash are in the same family, so…yep.)

It’s my personal theory that squash is being mixed in Starbucks’ pumpkin spice lattes. But because they technically wouldn’t be lying by saying their drinks are made with 100% pumpkin, squash can definitely get in there if it means saving their company tons of cash. Besides–you’re drinking a vegetable in the latte anyway. It still tastes awesome. I’d still use pumpkin puree in my pies even after knowing what the puree is made of.

Would you drink pumpkin spice lattes if it were true that some squash were found in the drink?

Ruining Everything Forever,
Cake ❤︎

What I’m Wearing

Logo Alex Head
Chemistry – Mila Hair
Neve – Artist Frayed Pant
Neve – Tuesday Stripe Top
RC Cluster – Nights Watch Confident Candelabra

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