Book Readers in Second Life

The Other World, Issue One

Do you read books in Second Life? There are some authors who sell their books in the grid for the love of sharing their craft with others. I’m one of them! For The Crystal Heart Festival, I launched a new comic series dealing with magical beings, sexuality, gender, and a deadly realm. It’s called The Other World and you can actually buy a copy and read it in Second Life.

Here’s a picture of what the HUD readers look like.

Tablet reader HUDs

You add the readers to yourself and it shows up as either the tablet or book model, depending on what you’ve chosen. The author of the book can divide up chapters for easy navigation. If you stop on a page and take the HUD off, the tablet will remember where you paused.

If you’re an author who wants to use this awesome system to publish, you can get it on the marketplace here. It’s called Book Builder Publishing System and I recommend it!

So why buy The Other World? Simply put, it’s kickass and it shows a lot of different superheroes than just your typical Perpetually Single White Cis Hetero Male archetype. We’ve got plenty of those out there. My cowriter and I brought a lot of diversity to the table on this and we know we’ll find the right readers who are hungry for it.

Page from second story, Code Name D

Click here to visit The Crystal Heart Festival and buy a copy of The Other World! You can also buy the PDF copy online here.

Pink Fuel Doll v2 for Mesh Heads

Pink Fuel

I received the free update of the Doll v2 skin from Pink Fuel and tried it on all the mesh heads that I have: LeLutka (Stella), LOGO (Alex), and Catwa (Jessica). I like it on both LeLutka and LOGO, but it looked odd on the Catwa head. Mochi wears it so much better on the Catwa (Aisha) head shown on her ad!

One skin does not fit all mesh heads, but I do appreciate that Pink Fuel sent out a free update so people who already owned the system skin did not have to buy new mesh head versions.

Pink Fuel

Pink Fuel Doll v2 HUDs for LeLutka | LOGO | Catwa

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Doll V2 (Crystal)
Truth Hair – Emika

Portraits Of Second Lifers

Portraits of Second Lifers


I know. I’ve been absent. I’ve been working! And boating, and relaxing, and trying not to do anything, yadda yadda… anyway. I’m back to show you an exhibit I’ve put up for SL13B, Second Life’s 13th’s birthday celebration.

I have to admit, I never took part of this or was even interested before. I think I went once a few years ago and remember feeling a bit disappointed. But this year, there’s a lot of cool exhibits to check out, especially the theme park ride at MadPea (which I rode twice) and the exhibit by Contraption (which is an awesome gargantuan statue).

So, my contribution is an exhibit where I’ve gathered all RL and digital portraits I’ve done of SL players. Some of the work I’m showing off has been painted for real and sold. Some of it were digital commissions. There’s also narration that explains everything.

You can check out my exhibit here. Oh–and there’s free art hidden around the building, so go grab it all. The exhibit posters are free too–you should save that. And if you want your own portrait, I’m having a sale right now.

See you later!

Exhibit - Portraits of Second Lifers

What I’m Wearing

Logo Alex Mesh Head
[ a.e.meth ] – Vega Skin*
Pink Fuel – Fresh Lip Tints
Lamb – Wolf
RC Cluster – News Mic
HOC Industries – Tokyo77 Shirt
Orange Pekoe – Mix&Match Sweater
Glow Studio – Sweatpants Jeans
Jian – Ferret Neck Hugger

*not out yet.



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A touch of lace added to clothing makes it so much more feminine and interesting. The Emma top and shorts from The Secret Store has just the right amount of lace and a vibrant grapefruit pattern. I’m not taking this outfit off for a week! Visit my Flickr for an up-close look of the pattern and see full-sized images of my bedroom!

I have mentioned this before, but most furniture in SL have built-in poses that are too awkward for nice photos. Which is why I went to the marketplace and bought a pretty sitting pose for today’s photo, instead of using one of the built-in ones that comes with this bed. The pose is from a store called Secret Body; the creator is a fellow blogger that I’ve followed for a long time on Flickr. I love when bloggers create things, such as poses, cos we’re pretty much experts when it comes to hiding bad angles and posing pretty.

What I’m Wearing:

Truth Hair – May (and crown)
The Secret Store – Emma Top, Shorts (Grapefruit)
Ingenue – Maisie Sandals (Ivory)

Good Morning

Good Morning

Good morning! Is it just me or does SL time seem to go by faster than real-time? Today I want to talk about the June 2016 round of The Arcade, even though it has been out 11 days, in SL time, that feels like a month. I usually go to yard sales, but the lag killed it for me this week. My friend always tells me to “use area search” but I don’t have that feature on the official SL viewer. I decided to try my search on the SL Marketplace, and everything is there. And guess what? It’s even cheaper than pull price. Tip: Filter results by price from lowest to highest.

I bought myself the things I coveted without suffering lag, or wasting time checking every single box for the right color. Gacha resale is becoming a competitive sport; I feel that people are offering things for less than pull price cos they’re desperate to recuperate some money and not enough people are buying. I bought this adorable Tres Blah Open Robe for pull price or less, and even found a couple of extras for my friends in the floral prints that I wanted! Super pleased that lots of re-sellers have moved to the marketplace.

Good Morning

I’ve been redecorating my SL home with cute lil’ things that I’ve found from events. I have to make room for new stuff by removing some old stuff, cos my home isn’t that big! I made a laundry corner/dressing room using What Next items. Even virtually, I can’t escape chores, lol!!

What I’m Wearing:

Exile – Morning Glory Collabor88
Tres Blah – Open Robe (Joy) The Arcade/June 2016
Ingenue – Emily Heels (Nude) Collabor88
What Next – Ironing Board & Laundry Room Collabor88
What Next – Amelie Armoire

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