Cosmetic Fair / Gachalicious

cheLLe - Artemis

New sheer tattoo eyeshadows from cheLLe! cheLLe – Artemis features sheer and soft eyeshadows, great for layering and mixing-and-matching! You can layer any colors in this set to create a new color!

cheLLe - Artemis II

cheLLe – Artemis II is a bolder and brighter color palette. These eyeshadows are only available in our gacha machine at Cosmetic Fair, and it’s only $20L per play! Collect the entire set, or share with your friends! See you at the fair!

cheLLe @ Cosmetic Fair / Gachalicious (September 15th – 30th)

Gender Neutral

Gender Neutral

The Gen-Neutral event is opening tomorrow! I was excited to participate in this fair because it has to do with a subject that’s close to my heart. Everyone did a great job on their items, and there are a lot of great fashion choices available.

So–what do I have to relate to about this event? I’m genderfluid. Most of the time I present as a woman. But every now and again, I switch to male. I usually allow this to manifest by mask art and going under a male alt in SL, because I am very curvy in real life, but I am too happy with my body to want to transition and become a man. I also dress very casually or wear men’s clothes sometimes, but I do it in my own way–which reflects my fashion choices in SL, too.

Gender Neutral

I used to think that being a woman meant I had to wear girly things. But being a woman should be what you define it to be, for yourself. The clothing at the Gen-Neutral event, such as the awesome top and pants I’m wearing in this picture, are worn by tomboyish models at their stalls to show they are meant for everyone. But when I wear them, I make them my own.

You don’t have to cut your hair short to defy gender norms (or grow it long, if you’re a man). You don’t have to look like Ruby Rose or go to extremes in presentation. You can be you and dress how you want to dress. Define who YOU are, don’t let your gender do that for you. That’s what the Gen-Neutral event is about–giving you a choice.

To learn more about gender fluidity, watch these awesome videos.

What I’m Wearing
Pink Fuel – Morgana Apricot (brown brow RARE – Arcade)
Exile – Bewitched – Available at C88!
cheLLe – Artemis Eyeshadow (Mauve) – For Cosmetic Fair, September 15th!
cheLLe – Mix and Match Eyeshadow (Inner, Blue)
[ a.e.meth ] – Life’s A Drag! Contour Makeup*
breath – Autumn Set (Black, female hand)*
tomboi – Easton Suit (Pants, flamingo)*
LVLE – Pointed Flats (Black)
* available at the Gen-Neutral event

Adventure Awaits

Adventure Awaits

Fifty percent of my SL home is decorated with gacha items from Tres Blah. The items are gorgeous and there’s no other furniture brand that appeals to me as much! I wait patiently between rounds of The Arcade to furnish my home, but it’s slowly getting there. The decor of my home reflects my wardrobe, the colors are all the same, LOL. At the top of my wish list for Tres Blah is a cottage home with a deck, and complete furniture sets (bedroom, living room, kitchens).

My friend Caroline sent me these three Tres Blah items that she found at the yard sales, and then I went to search for the flower vase and a couple of other things that I wanted, and only saw credenzas!!! #aintnobodygottimeforthat

Adventure Awaits

What I’m Wearing:

Truth Hair – Josette (w/ bangs)
Pink Fuel Skin
The Secret Store – Nathalie Tutu Dress (Mint)
Ingenue – Papillon Heels (Pistachio)

SLink Physique Male

Slink Physique Male

It’s BoyCake, back with another review! Hello, lay-deez. ;D

Are you ready for the new male mesh body from SLink? Well, it’s here! As some of you may know, I’ve been searching high and low for a good mesh body for my boy av, and now it looks like I finally have it. Or have I?

Before I start off, I want to give a shoutout to both my close friends who tried this on with me, as well as the Convergence City roleplay group for discussing this with me in their out-of-character chat area. Their thoughts definitely influenced what I’m writing now! I always like to get other people’s opinions and have discussions about things before I give a final verdict.

What did I compare this to in considering the SLink Male Physique for purchase? Mainly, the TMP male body and the Aesthetic by Niramyth. For reference, I snagged the TMP body to try on after my awful experience with the Jomo male body, which turned out to be a suspected rip. I have two male friends who own the Aesthetic, one who came with me to SLink’s store to examine the demo.

Now, one to the review!


The SLink Physique Male comes with a mesh body (no hands or feet) for 1250L. If you don’t have feet and hands already, take about 2400L to the store with you so you can pick up everything at once. The mesh body will include underwear, one pair of jeans, and one tank top. If you don’t like the basic skins you start off with for your mesh body, there are neck blenders provided to help with skin-matching.


  • The Physique Male includes a penis. Yes, really! There’s even a foreskin option and pubic hair. The penis doesn’t seem to be able to get erect; I believe it’s there for completion purposes, sort of like most vaginas on skins and mesh bodies are. At first I was weirded out by an SL peen that doesn’t do anything, but after a while, I got used to it.
  • Your body will seem a little lean when you try it on, but it can bulk up nicely if you edit your shape. Will it get as muscular as the Aesthetic? I’ll talk about that in a moment.
  • For script maniacs like me, you’ll be happy to know that with the male body, hands, my AO, and the alpha/clothing hud attached, I was only running 32 scripts. That’s awesome. Everyone in SL should always try to wear low-script items so they end up under a total count of 50 for their avatar. It not only improves your SL experience, but helps to decrease sim lag.

Room For Improvement?

Slink Physique Male

This picture has been brightened because my windlight was super dark when I took the pic. I’m dumb. SRY

I, for one, am not crazy about the clothing/alpha HUD design. I know it’s a lot to include to the clothing hud, and Siddean must have realized this because she created two size versions of the HUD (small and large) for those who have trouble seeing everything. But it took me a moment of wtf’ing to understand just what button did what. Afterwards, I figured things out. I just wish the UI were a bit more friendly.

I don’t know about you, but I like my men with some thigh. When I increased BoyCake’s thighs, I noticed some poses caused the underwear to clip (see pic above). I tried to find the correct button to HIDE his thighs in that area, but that took another ten minutes and then I gave up. My point–if you create underwear or clothing for the mesh body, I would include an auto-hide script for it. Kemono has that and so does Maitreya.

Is This The One?

Is Physique Male for you? That’s what you want to know, right? It’s been a long search for that one mesh body you can finally wear, won’t clip your damn clothing, won’t do this or that or make you unhappy or sorry you ever bought it. When I asked my friends about the Physique versus the Aesthetic, we both admitted we liked Aesthetic’s muscly body more, but only on certain avatars. Not everyone looks good with that much bulk, and not everyone looks good with TMP’s skinnier mesh body either.

Physique Male is that sort of happy medium between TMP and Aesthetic. You don’t spend too much for what you get, and you end up getting a lot. For me, that means it’s a body I’m sticking with! For good, hopefully.

You can teleport here to check out SLink Physique Male for yourself.

Notice: if you create products geared towards men and want me to review it, please send an NC/pack/etc to Aemeth Resident. I can’t make a promise that I’ll review everything, but I understand the struggle of finding men’s products out there so it’s worth helping out!

Memory Bliss

New Lashes

Let’s talk about lashes. I’m always searching for the perfect pair of lashes, cos even after all this time in SL, I have not found the perfect one. My friend Caroline said that the new Izzie’s mesh lashes were easy to fit and included a HUD to change the styles, so I had to try it for myself. I’m always in favor of things with HUDs that offers a lot options. She was right, these Izzie’s mesh lashes did look nice on, and they’re very fine (alpha texture, applied on top & bottom mesh prims).

Next, I tried on the newly updated full mesh lashes from LeLutka. These lashes are mesh prims, not alpha textures. They fit well, and won’t glitch with alpha hair, but to me they look too chunky for casual wear. I do love the color changing HUD, and the colors look fantastic when paired with fantasy hair colors.

Have I found the perfect pair of lashes? Not really. The search continues, but I will probably wear Izzie’s quite often, and layer it with other lashes for a fuller effect. That’s my super not-so-secret trick to having fabulous and lush lashes in SL!

Memory Bliss

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel Skin
Exile – Memory Bliss
The Secret Store – Nathalie Tutu Dress (Balloons)

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