We Need To Talk About Racism On The Grid

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The man in this picture could be anything. He’s got fair skin and light eyes. His long hair are put into braids, and his cheekbones are prominent. Even if he didn’t match the race you think I said he was, he is that because I deem him to be.

He is me–as a male, in the grid. I created him to be more creole-looking than my female counterpart, which I still think doesn’t look that Caucasian to me. Before I donned a mesh head with either gender identity, my avatar resembled my grandmother–a creole woman who would probably cut her hair short and dye it bright red if she were the age I am now.

Even if I change bits of myself in the game, I carry my heritage with me. I know other black users who along with me, mix and match hair, eye colors, and skin tones. We don’t do it to escape–but some black users do. I don’t fault them for it because I understand the grid isn’t very tolerant of us.

Second Life has been used as a means of escape for so many people. In the end, though, we’re just that–people. It’s inevitable that things like civil rights would rear their head here after a while. Especially when you get incidents of users being silenced when talking about racism. Continue Reading

Glam Affair Chloe, LOGO Alex

Glam Affair - Cloe

I picked up this Cloe skin from Glam Affair for LOGO’s Alex mesh head at Collabor88. I like this skin a lot, except that it didn’t come with any makeups, just a bare skin and brow color options. Unfortunately, with mesh heads, makeups from various brands don’t always play well together.

Have you noticed that when skin brands release a skin for mesh heads, they only include a limited choice of makeups and that’s it. I hope that skin designers will offer more add-on products for their skin appliers, such as more makeups so we can keep wearing our favorite “face” instead of always having to buy a new skin!

Glam Affair - Cloe

What I’m Wearing:

LOGO – Alex Mesh Head
LeLutka – Cat hair
Glam Affair – Cloe Appleirs for LOGO (America)

Goodbye, Art Farm! Hello, Wanderlust!

One Last Look at Edie’s Art Farm from Veyot on Vimeo.

The project I mentioned participating in earlier this year, Art Farm, is now coming down so the sim can be handed off to the next LEA project. Although I joined this collaborative late in the game, I’ve had a ball and will miss our home terribly.

Here’s one last look at the sim and everything we created–thanks to Veyot Resident for recording it all! If you want to see more pictures of Art Farm through all of its semesters, click here.

Where will we go now? Some of the involved artists are taking a break from SL and will return later in the year. For some of us, though, we’re simply going to move to a new home. After a round of voting, we’ve decided to set up house on the same parcel where my mainstore is. I’ve cleared out a gallery space for art shows and have a bar set up for events. We’ll be teaching classes and hosting workshops there in the future. Anyone is welcome to join!

Please keep your eyes peeled on this blog for future announcements on workshops and classes. We hope to meet you!

Are you unique?


The more I wear a mesh head, the more I identify with it. I find that the best way to feel at home in a mesh head is to commit to it, wear it often, and then customize it until you love it. I worry that I look “just like everyone else” in the mesh head, but so far, I haven’t seen anyone else styling it the way that I do! Take my poll and let me know how often you wear your mesh head!



It’s officially winter in SL! Even though we’re just days away from Christmas, I am not very in the mood this year. I’m hoping that by going to winter sims and making festive winter outfits, it will inspire me to get in the mood! I’ve started collecting some Christmas decor for my home, like this X’mas Magic ornament set from Ohmai. SL creators are so creative, they really make this virtual world the best place ever.


What I’m Wearing:

LOGO Alex Mesh Head
Pink Fuel – Kiyomi
Truth Hair – Bernadette (Hat)
The Secret Store – Katya Sweater (Crimson)
The Secret Store – Masha Pants (Red Polka)
Ingenue – Alma Boots (Chestnut)

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