Pink Fuel Doll v2

Pink Fuel Doll v2

I finally got around to trying on the Doll v2 update from Pink Fuel! This update is free if you already have the regular Doll skin, just go to the store and click on the re-delivery terminal. I am most excited about the new LOGO mesh head applier! It’ll work on all current LOGO mesh heads, but my favorite is the Alex mesh head (worn here).

Pink Fuel Doll v2

The pastel brows are perfect for Spring/Kawaii styles!

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Doll v2 (Crystal) Omega/LOGO Head Applier
Exile – Wink
Teefy – Zoey Bodysuit (White)
eefy – Zoey Bodysuit Bra (White)



We <3 RP is back, and would you look at this awesome hat I’m wearing? This is  what I’ve always wanted in SL. This hat is from !Go, who’s been making items for WHRP for some time. The fabric is exquisite and there’s a hat-less version for the accompanying hair, too.


More goodies: Jian’s Dryad Hideaway, and 22769’s Sacred Fountain set. Also, this lovely dress from Sweet Lies. All of these can be found at We <3 RP starting today! The event is now open until the end of the month, so go shop to your heart’s content and nab these items while they’re still discounted!

My days have been extremely peaceful and I’m looking forward to the weekend. I hope you are, too! Have  good one!

What I’m Wearing
Logo Alex Mesh Head
!gO! Antoinette – hair with hat – Blonde*
Sweet Lies – Gadea Fitmesh Dress Blue*

22769 ~ [bauwerk] – The Sacred Fountain*
JIAN – Dryad Hideaway*

*available at We <3 RP

Just Like A Cartoon

Like Tom and Jerry

Hi everyone!

So today I wanted to show off some Arcade previews, when I assembled everything and realized… oh! I’ve got sort of a Looney Tunes vibe going on. You can see what I mean by looking at this picture.

Featured in this photo are two brands: RC Cluster, who makes my favorite humor items ever, and Zerkalo, who’s really good at creating lacy/vintage things. The gloves and mannequin are from Zerkalo. The cat litter box, painting set, and the Dizzy Dazzle Circle Spin are from RC Cluster. All of these can be won at The Arcade starting tomorrow! (Kittycat not included).

Are you excited for the new Arcade round? I still want the disinfectant spray from RC Cluster, so I’ll be looking for that next!

RC Cluster Gacha Key
Zerkalo Gacha Key
Visit The Arcade’s shopping guide here!

Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online

I’ve been binge-watching Sword Art Online lately. An anime about players who are unable to log out of an MMO until they defeat the final boss, it explores all kinds of philosophical subjects that have to do with online gaming. That’s right up my alley! I love deep things like that.

Here’s a paraphrased quote someone says in the series: “The choices you make in a video game can affect who you are in real life.” This quote doesn’t mean simple tasks or clearing levels, but how you treat other players. I agree wholeheartedly with this.

Second Life is especially prone to this because it has no end goal unless you create one. If you attack the grid like it’s a game, manage your business like a ruthless CEO, or discard of people you meet in rp sims like they’re little more than an NPC to be used, you’re going to change irl if you aren’t that way already. You can become someone you didn’t think you would ever be. You will slowly but surely become a low-key sociopath. I’m not kidding.

Sword Art Online

The power anything in this game can grant you can end as soon as the grid itself goes away. Do yourself a favor, and always remember what’s really important in life. Your happiness. Your sanity. Your friends. People who love and care about you. Power and cash are not the end-all. Don’t let a lust for these things and the setting of a virtual world turn you into someone you don’t recognize anymore.

It might be a strange word of warning all of a sudden, but let’s get real: Sansar is something LL is creating because it needs to retain its users, or else the company may flop and both grids can be lost. We’re looking at a possible endgame here with our surroundings. But don’t let that take away what’s important. Love conquers all, and will be there when all your virtual swag has disappeared.

That’s all for now!

What I’m Wearing
Verve – Coco Skin
Logo Alex Mesh Head
glYph – Acolyte Hood and Skirt*
Bliensen + MaiTai – Viper’s Nest Necklace*
Empyrean Forge – Borealis Sword*
JIAN – Wolf Companion*
Moon Elixir – Mira Tunic*
PEQE – Trumpet Sleeves
Wicca’s Wardrobe – Joyce Necklace*

*available at We <3 RP until the end of the month!

Life2 versus G&S

Life2 versus G&S

G&S shots of weaving and farming.

I love farming and fishing. When I was a kid, my father took me fishing all the time. My stepmother kept our backyard filled with plants, and taught me the importance of keeping a garden. I love both of these so much, I’m more likely now to play video games that feature these two activities.

Imagine my joy when I discovered both the Life2 and G&S systems in Second Life. Although clearly meant for different time periods, both systems feature cooking, gardening, and eating to keep your energy up. Life2 is more for the modern period, geared towards city sims with families. G&S is created with Gorean and medieval sims in mind, expanded to include mining, crafting, carpentry, fishing, and raising animals.

For the player who wants to invest and bring more entertainment to their SL experience, the task of figuring out which system is best for them can be daunting. Which one should you pick? Thankfully, I’ve shelled out the cash on both of these so you don’t have to–read on to check out my comparison of both.

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