I just went to the Mesh Body Addicts Fair early to check out the skins and mesh body parts offered, and I haven’t decided on anything new yet. If you want to go before the fair opens to the public on August 1st, join the Mesh Body Addicts group in-world (it’s free to join). I thought the fair was a good size with just two sims, and a very open layout. Easy to navigate.  I didn’t like that some brands seemed to rez old items and didn’t clearly label what items were new and/or exclusive to the fair. Keep it simple!

I found Goji at the fair; this is a brand that I wanted to check out since its launch earlier this year. This is a more kawaii brand from the same team that is behind ColdLogic. How talented is Damien Fate? He has more brands than I can remember at the moment, and all of them are different. I recently blogged about FateLashes, which I am still wearing daily!

The only thing I bought at this fair is the new Smarties Frills dress from Goji. This is a fair exclusive, and it is so inexpensive! For $190L, the dress includes a 4 color HUD with buttons to turn the front and back bows on/off, and a shine option. Here’s a map of the MBA fair, so you can find all of your favorite brands faster.


Reminder, today is the last day of Hair Fair! I am wearing a hair from Elikatira; a brand I haven’t worn in ages cos I thought the brand became inactive. I guess it’s back? This is your last chance to buy hair with some of the proceeds going to charity.

What I’m Wearing:

Elikatira – Haley
Goji – Smartie Frills
The Secret Store – Becky T-Strap Heels (Milk)

Colorful Charade

Colorful charade

Hair Fair ends TOMORROW, visit this amazing event before it’s over!

What I’m Wearing:

LeLutka – HF4 hair
Teefy – Naomi Dress (Classic)
Ingenue – Zora Heels (Pearl)
Katat0nik – Maui Bracelet (Black)



The fundraiser is over and the tragedy has passed. You’ve collected money and made a fantastic donation. It’s sent off and you feel good for your contribution. You will hopefully help someone who never even plays this game.

But at home, are you mindful? Do you practice good allyship on the grid?

Do you listen to those who look like the victims you just raised money for? Or do you tell them their reactions to racism on the grid are too strong? Do you yield the floor for them to express their frustrations, or do you block them and tell your friends to block them too?

Do you listen to how they feel trapped and don’t have good options for finding places that are welcoming? Have you ever searched for a hangout that has the words “trans” and “genderfluid”, that isn’t an inflation dickgirl fetish sim? Do you know how few places welcome people who are actually nonbinary and don’t view them as a sexual adventure?

Do you ask yourself what someone feels when they combine the anger and fear of Black Lives Matter with the anger and fear of people on the grid laughing at Caitlin Jenner around you? Have you ever spotted an avatar in a club wearing a penis attachment under a skirt and their profile says they’re a “t-girl”, and it made you, the person who is nonbinary irl, feel like an imposter?

Do you know what trans racism is? Did you know it exists on the grid too?

The grid is not an escape for some of us. It’s a place where we can figure out who we are both as people of color and as members of the queer and nonbinary community. We can figure out what style is best for our desired appearance. We can come to understand how we wish to present. We don’t run from real world problems and when we see them here, we call them out.

Not to make waves, not to make people upset, but because if we don’t, we will suffer a shrinking space where we feel welcome and free to be ourselves–our true selves, where we know we can go to a place where the folks there will accept us for everything. Not part of us, not make slight slurs about race or gender or queerness when you think we aren’t listening, but 100 percent of our being. If we aren’t allowed to do so, then the grid is no good to us at all. The grid becomes a place that is welcoming to straight white people only.

And I cannot abide in a place like that. I won’t make paintings to hang in rl galleries of a grid that doesn’t value me as a person. I just won’t.

Practice mindfulness. Wherever you raise money, ask yourself on the grid if there’s someone suffering in a similar way. Ask if you’ve crossed paths with them before. Then ask how you can behave differently next time.

Skybox – The Cyberpunk Apartment by Djehan Kidd

Wasabi Pills; Hair Fair 2016

Wasabi Pills @ Hair Fair

I went to the Alpha Moon, Land of the Lycans sim and found the most enchanting pavilion with flowers covering the floor. I could actually make this floor my new home, it’s so pretty.

Wasabi Pills @ Hair Fair

Speaking of pretty, why didn’t anyone tell me that Wasabi Pills did a major texture update months ago? The new textures are stunning!! One of the reasons I didn’t wear Wasabi Pills hair often was cos of the lack of blondes; the new hair color packs includes many shades of blondes! I have been wearing more hombres, fades, and color mixes lately, so I am very pleased with the cheerful assortment of colors too. Check out Wasabi Pills at Hair Fair!

Wasabi Pills @ Hair Fair

What I’m Wearing:

Wasabi Pills – Fionna
Teefy – Naomi Dress (East) @ N21
The Secret Store – Polka Tights (White)
Ingenue – Maisie Sandals (Navy)

Mesh Heads; LeLutka / LOGO

Mesh Heads; LeLutka / LOGOLeLutka – Stella & Karin | LOGO – Alex

I’m playing with two of my favorite mesh heads brands today; LeLutka and LOGO. No matter which head I wear, I always try to find the skin & makeup that feels like me. There are no perfect or best mesh heads, but I have a feeling that innovative creators in SL will always surprise us with better products.

Lara Hurley just released the Cindy applier for LeLutka, so I tried it on two different LeLutka heads. The skin applier is made for Stella specifically, but I think it works very nicely with Karin too. By using the same skin brand across multiple mesh heads, I am able to create similar looks so it still feels like me. I found it easy to layer makeups from different brands to further customize the look. I am wearing a Pink Fuel lipstick applier on the LOGO head; it is from the Kiyomi skin for LOGO.

Do you guys change mesh heads often? When you do, do you also change skin brands or stick to your favorites? Let me know in the comments!]

What I’m Wearing:

Lelutka, LOGO mesh heads
Lara Hurley – Cindy, Aria applier
Pink Fuel – Kiyomi (lipstick)
LeLutka – HF5 hair

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