Rieri, Town in Toyko

Rieri, Town in Toyko

Hello from Reiri! I have always Japanese city sims; they’re always packed full of small shops and photogenic nooks. I like going to replicas of real life places in Second Life, do you?

Zara Skin, PUMEC

Now that I have switched my mesh head to Genus, I’m trying out skin brands that I normally don’t wear. I found this Zara skin from PUMEC at The Epiphany. PUMEC skins only have 6 skin tones, so it can be limiting for those who are especially picky about tone. I usually pass them up for this reason, but I thought this face is super cute on me. The skin is made for the Genus Classic head, but I made it work with Baby by pairing it with the Silky Shine lipstick applier from Pink Fuel.

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VRChat versus Second Life

Northern Operations Fishing Game

Why is it that whatever I say sometimes causes so much fuss? A couple of weeks ago, I compared VRChat‘s avatar grading system to Second Life’s avatar complexity numbering, stating that we should adopt grades instead because it’s simpler for users to understand.

But Second Life likes to play the telephone game with re-quotes and paraphrases. Soon, my suggestion morphed through other mouths and turned into “I want us to pare down our avatars to Ruths”, and that’s not what I said at all. Do people read around here? Do they just like being outraged over things? Make a little cash with clicks in the process?


In an effort to retain my goal of an ultra-chill summer, I took to the seas of the Bellisseria continent to invest in deepwater fishing. And while I’m here, let’s do that “VRChat versus Second Life” comparison. We’ve already gone halfway with it. Why not take the whole kit?

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New Linden Home, Again, on Bellisseria

New Linden Home, Bellisseria

Back in April, I became a Premium member for the first time in my 12 years in SL. I landed on a charming little waterfront home and decided to keep it. I knew my luck would not be better if I kept re-rolling for new homes.

Here we are, 3 months later, and so much has changed with how Linden Lab launches new sims. Instead of launching hundreds of sims at once, like they did initially, now only one or two sims are launched every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. At this rate, eventually everyone who wants a home would get a home, but not at a rate that’s fast enough to satisfy them. As you can see by this vent thread on the forum, they are more than a little upset. In fact, if you read the entire Linden Homes forum, it’s so overwhelmingly NEGATIVE.

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Hello from Sundarban!

Today I’m taking my Genus Baby mesh head out for a spin. Back in April, I blogged the Delina skin from Pink Fuel with Genus Baby mesh head. I tweaked my shape and now I like the head more. Pink Fuel just released the Delina skin in more skin tones, yay! I also made a shape for Genus baby, check it out on Marketplace.

I wish Genus would update their HUD, cos it’s definitely not well-designed and still lack essential features. Compared to other mesh heads, how do you rank the Genus HUDs? Which brand, in your opinion, has the best HUD?


What I’m Wearing:
Genus Project – Baby Face
Pink Fuel – Delina (Biscuit)
Exile – Blur the Line (Blondes)
The Secret Store – Riley Mixed Jacket, Lina Mini Shorts
Ingenue – Dorrit Sandals