Farewell to Juicy & New Linden Home on Bellisseria

Farewell to Juicy Sim

Juicy sim will go offline on April 26th, thank you to my friends for the best 12 years of sim ownership in SL! Visit my little corner of Juicy if you want to see it for the last time.

Times are changing, and with the popularity of Linden Homes, I foresee a change in how people rent land as well. I have thought about taking a break from the rental business for quite some time, and with the recent launch of Bellisseria, it reaffirms that this is the right decision.

Farewell to Juicy Sim
Farewell to Juicy Sim

Once I found a buyer for Juicy sim, I upgraded my account to Premium to acquire a Linden home. I wanted to move into the same sim block with all of my friends, but the homes are randomly assigned. Aemeth got a home several sims away, and she did an amazing job decorating it.

I wanted a waterfront parcel, and after abandoning the first home that was inland, I scored this little charming home on my second try:

New Linden Home | Bellisseria

It’s near water, it has a (blocked by houseboats) view of the ocean, and my own little private beach! I’ve always had an unlimited amount of prims to myself, so it will be a challenge to decorate this home and landscape while staying within the 351-prims limit.

New Linden Home | Bellisseria
If you figure out where I live… sail on by!
New Linden Home | Bellisseria
New Linden Home | Bellisseria

I’m enamored by my little Linden home and community living with so many perks. This premium slice of waterfront land, which would normally cost several thousand lindens, is free with premium membership! I love having roads I didn’t have to build, and going to community areas (pools) that I also didn’t have to build!

New Linden Home | Bellisseria

How much does Premium Membership cost? I paid $72USD/year for my membership. I receive a bonus $1,000L cos I’m a first-time subscriber, and I will receive a $300L weekly stipend. That’s $15,600L in yearly stipend plus my $1,000L bonus = $16,600L (or $66USD) I get back from Linden Lab. My total cost for my home is only $6USD a year!

I predict that by the end of this year, Linden Lab will make several more land announcements that will increase premium membership subscriptions and also affect sim owners. My predictions are:

  • Linden homes with larger parcels options
  • Commercial themed sims, with various parcel sizes
  • Lowered tier prices on all sims, ending the distinction between grandfathered sims and regular sims
  • Allowing residents to own a homestead sim without owning a full sim

Did you get a Linden home this week? Do you think any of my predictions will come true? Let me know in the comments!

New Linden Homes

New Linden Homes

“Hey Cake! Where’ve you been?” Drawing comics for money and enjoying life. I’m working on a comic book for a mainstream company now, so I’m pretty excited! That series will be released in August. Nationwide. I’m a pro now!

But that’s not why I’m writing this, right? Let’s talk about Linden Homes!

I managed to check these out when the Home and Garden Expo was running, and the preview was pretty cool. So when they were released, I hopped on the chance to snag one. Gogo and I registered around the same time, so I was hoping to get one on the waterfront like she did. Just so you know–homes are randomly assigned! BUT, all of these houses are landscaped very nicely. I didn’t get one on the waterfront, but I still love my house anyway.

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New Face; GENUS Project | Pink Fuel

New Face

Mesh heads are probably the most expensive thing you can buy your avatar in SL; most of them cost over $5,000L. I don’t change my head often due to price (plus having to buy all new add-ons and skins), and the learning curve. All of the heads require a different shape and figuring out how the HUD works.

New Face
Pink Fuel – Delina Skin for GENUS Project (out soon at The Epiphany)

As you know, I have worn the LeLutka mesh heads almost exclusively since they came out. I saw Kavar using Genus Project heads a lot in his recent ads, and it looks amazing!!! Things I like about Genus Project: easy to modify shape, lots of skins available, options on HUD to adjust makeup opacity and colors, and I like how it looks on me. Things I don’t like: the HUD is confusing, there are two separate HUDs for settings and animations, animations are ugly (ugly is subjective, so I’ll say it’s not as great as LeLutka), no built-in eye control, no easy way to clear all makeups, no way to save looks unless I am missing it.

It would be more fun to change mesh heads if the price of obtaining a mesh head wasn’t so expensive! I didn’t think that Classic and Baby are all that much different, so I wish there were some type of discount like… buy one head, get additional ones for half price.

The Genus Project mesh head costs $5,500L. Kavar gifted me the Classic face, which I love! Then I found out that all of the skins made are for Baby! For the sake of wearing this Delina skin made by Pink Fuel, I also bought the Baby face. The skins made for Baby and Classic are not interchangeable. I found that the eyes and lips area don’t fit if the skin is not made for that particular head. So when you’re demoing skins, take note which head it is made for…. otherwise you’ll end up with lots of frustrations when modifying a shape for it.

Overall, I do recommend the Genus Project mesh heads. Change is refreshing. Change is fun. If Genus Project keeps improving their HUD and scripting, they will become one of my favorites, and perhaps yours too?

New Face

What I’m Wearing:
Genus Project – Baby Face
Pink Fuel – Delina (Fawn)
Exile – Tara
Teefy – Lia Dress (Gingham)
Ingenue – Anna Heels

Good Night

Good night

Do you ever feel like being a way from the grid for a month is equivalent to being away for a year? I seem to have missed so much that an entirely brand new (to me) mesh head is now so popular that all of my friends are wearing it.

Photo credit: Kavar Cleanslate

I saw this ad from Kavar and immediately fell in love with all 3 of his avatars! The girls are wearing Genus heads, which is entirely new to me! I’ve heard of the name and knew that they are Genesis part II of some sort… but I haven’t ever demo’d a Genus mesh head. Until this week….

Kavar did give me some great recommendations on skins and some tips about Genus that will help me if I do make the switch. Should I make the switch? Do you wear a Genus head? Let me know in the comments!

What I’m Wearing:

Exile – Alessa
Tee*fy – Belle bodysuit (Bloom), Belle Bra (Sweet)
Pink Fuel – Kiera (LeLutka Head Applier) Biscuit



I don’t always play skin gachas, but I’m thrilled that Pink Fuel’s skin is for Lelutka! I’m wearing the new Emiri skin from Pink Fuel, available at The Epiphany. Available in 3 skin tones – Crystal, Latte, and Peach, so I guess only the most popular tones are available, to keep things simple. I’m wearing Peach here. This skin seems younger than Kiera, so if you’re looking for a more doll skin from PF, this is the perfect skin. Only $75L/per play, it’s an inexpensive way to try out a new skin!



What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Emiri LeLutka Skin Applier (Peach)
Exile – Julie
Teefy – Ashley Top (White)
The Secret Store – Meya Leather Pants
Ingenue – Guilia Heels