New Release! Juicy Slingbacks

New Release! Juicy Slingbacks

The Juicy Slingbacks comes with a color-changing buckle and heel cap. Each item changes individually on click, for a truly unique and personalized look. All Slingbacks include silver, gold and black.
Colors in the Pinks Pack also include pink.

ALSO…. Until Midnight SLT today (May 26th), all Juicy Classic Pumps are 50% off!

Happy Memorial Day!

Tp to Juicy Main Store to see all these fabulous pumps in-world!

FNKY Kicks!

FNKY Kicks II comes in 12 different colors and 5 sizes!! These unisex retro styled kicks are perfect for summer, goes great with all those yummy short shorts and a tank top. The suede texture is ultra realistic and the shape is mmm perfection.

[FNKY Kicks II – All 12 colors shown above]

[Funk Schnook made my favorite color – PINK!!!!!!]

Happy shopping! Tp to FNKY Cake Island to demo these gorgeous kicks for yourself.

Nymphetamine.. Mmm Sexy

Nymphetamine Boutique released a very sexy lingerie set called What Dreams May Come. I love the little neck bow included with the set, and a short ruffle skirt worn with the panties.

[I couldn’t decide to be Blonde or Brunette, so I’m both 😛 | Maitreya – Eva-More hair | ETD – LeeAnne]


The What Dreams May Come set in white would be a perfect addition for a new bride because it’s sexayyyy!!

But if you’re feeling a little edgy, get black. I love black, black goes with everything.. and it’s classic.


Tp to Nymphetamine Boutique now to get this sexy set and more!

Zaara Indian Couture

Today’s outfit is a recent release from Zaara Indian Couture called the Kantha set, and it has delicate brocade patterns along the knee-length skirt. Normally I’m really lazy and all my photographs are cropped inside Flickr, but today, I made collages!! Colors make me really happy, and the Kantha set definitely has some very warm rich tones so I felt creative. Yay for colors and collages!

[Zaara Kantha – blue & pink set | Maitreya Dune boots | f.wi hair]

[More collages! with fantastic Detour – Prairie hair | Juicy – Classic Pumps (Peppercorn) | Miam Miam – Diamond Heart & Key jewelry set]

[Kantha gold top – worn separately with Last Call Kamryn pants]

I loooove that the top can be matched with virtually any pair of pants for a more casual look.

For a relatively new designer (or at least, new to me), Zaara Kohime definitely has me waiting excitedly for each new release because of her amazing patterns and colors. Did you miss the freebie Shubh dress last week? Shame on you!

Tp to Zaara Indian Couture to view other designs in-world.