Free Couple Pose

Couple poses are tricky…! I’ve made a few but this is the first one that won’t rot away inside the giant black hole that is my inventory. Come grab your free copy at my shop 🙂

Models: Lili Brink & mystery boy 😛

This pose is best on fluffy clouds, a rock, stairs… use your imagination!! I modeled it after a famous painting by William-Adolphe Bouguereau with the same name.

Tp to Juicy for your free pose!

Sylva’s Animation Factory

Sylva’s Animation Factory is like a candy factory for pose lovers! Inexpensive & cute, it’s a fashion blogger’s dream come true.

Here are some stands from the FREE AO at Sylva’s Animation Factory. I think this AO is fantastic, and the stands are really cute — totally going to use some of these in my Zhao-II.

Free AO for Men & Women

And all of the poses here are $5L each for no copy versions, and a little more for copyable versions. At $5L, it’s way cheaper than attempting to make these poses myself.

Did I mention there’s a FATPACK of 670 poses for $2000L? OMG…….. CHEAP!!!!!!! All the sit/stand/lay poses you could ever want right there in the mega pack. <33 Sylva’s Animation Factory!

Other Stuff I’m Wearing: Tart Clothing – Trina top | Last Call – Alizee jeans (part of outfit)

Hair Fantasy

Sometimes I stumble into a hair shop and I want every single hairstyle or most of them just because I loooove hair, and I love cool crazy fun hair that looks CUTE on me. The colors are limited at MiraiStyle, but the big hair selections make up for it! And I don’t mean that their inventory is large, the hairstyles are really really BIG. Anyway, I love big hair, but I wish Mirai Shan would start making it in my head size (sz 50 please). Even though the demos feature small, medium and large sizes, the actual hair you buy only comes in one size, so modifying is a total pain in the ASS. But this hair was well worth it, and only took me 15 minutes to adjust both styles (it came with hat and without hat option).

I’m trying to be artsy, so I framed our picture 😛

I’m wearing the MiraiStyle – Romi hair | I think Wilma is wearing Yako (not sure)

Wilma’s gorgeous Nicky Ree gown

Other stuff I’m Wearing: Aoharu – Chiffon Ruffle Dress (recent group gift) | Miam Miam jewelry | Juicy Classic Pumps – in yummy Lemon color// On Wilma: Nicky Ree gown | Juicy Classic Pumps – in yummy Strawberry color