Focus on Bijou

Bijou is sexayyy!!!!!!!! I like this Focus outfit because it’s different. It’s like lingerie you can wear outside! <3

[Sleeveless shirt option]

[Complete outfit, back view]

[Worn with Intimizzio panties because it’s layerable!! You can wear any panties you want for this outfit and truly mix-n-match.

And have you been to Maitreya lately? Gorgeous new hair textures!! *DROOLS* The new hair textures are my hair obsession for the week. I’m wearing Maitreya’s Eva-More hair in this entry to match the outfit because it has a sexy tousled look.

Other items worn: Maitreya’s Sassy Wedges (in Velvet Rose)

New Land Store

[1st image of new sim – “Ruth’s Retreat” default terrain]

The new land store is amazing and awesome and an impulsive buyer’s dream come true!!! The old land store was a clumsy interface and trying to locate your existing island was hell. The new land store includes a search feature!!! If you want to be next to your favorite sim, all you have to do is search the name and see if there are spaces near it.

Even though the new land store is still in beta, I think it works flawlessly!! Delivery time of my new island was 1 MINUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As soon as I confirmed the order, a confirmation letter was sent to my email, along with a “your island has been created” message!

Other items on my wishlist regarding land: waived or minimal island renaming fee and moving fee 🙂

Sculpted Pink Flowers Bouquet

I found this lovely pink flowers bouquet on Onrez! For……… FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

They’re by AI Design Studio, and they’ve inspired this blog entry.

I can’t tear myself away from the ChouChou sim, it’s so empty but soo lovely.

[Artsy random photo]

Flowers are for meehhhhh!!!

[Emo artsy shot]

This pose was suppose to be sexy, but it just looks like my hands got chopped off 🙁

Bad sl pose!!!!