When Fab Free turns into Fug Free

Are any of these skins FABULOUS to you?

These skins are too fug, I have decided to block out my fabulous DETOUR eyes to spare them from being associated with fugly skins.

[I wouldn’t wear this “Kristin Kruek” skin unless you like saggy boobs, mismatched seams, cut+paste, permanent piercings and other imperfections]

[Upper body and lower body skin tone does not match & omg where are the bits?!!!!]

[cut+paste and greasy]

Skins can be found at The Free Fandom Project inside avatar packages. Go at your own risk.

The Fab Free blog makes me sad, since they don’t live up to their name of blogging FABULOUSLY Free stuff in SL.  Fab Free does the community a total disservice by blogging skins that are entirely useless, unless one liked glaringly mismatched seams and boobs with no nipples :X I would recommend Free*Style for all your future freebie hunting needs. It’s a complete insult to people who DO like free stuff.. it’s saying, hey, since you like free stuff, take this piece of shit and clutter your inventory further. /barf

*Note* Fab Free is part of the Second Style Network, one of the largest fashion magazines in SL.

Are you a beach bunny?

Two fabulous parcels for rent on Juicy!

1…. Perfect sunset views, unobstructed endless ocean

My picture does not do this parcel justice!!!!!! It’s 4096sqm with 937 prims. Only 3 neighbors nearby and they are hardly ever home. Those are my favorite kinds of neighbors.


2… How about sunrise?

This parcel is reserved for commercial / light commercial / beachy chill area or residential.

Beautiful corner parcel with endless ocean view.


Happy Lei Day!!!

Juicy sim is celebrating Lei Day, just like the fabulous people of Hawaii. We have a free Hawaiian print bikini from SJA Customboards made especially for the event, so come by and pick up the bikini and other goodies!! The party is all weekend long from May 1st – May 4th.

[$1L Bikini and Lei]

TP to Juicy’s Lei Day Party! 🙂