Insolence went dark

…and I like it!

Camilla Yosuke of Insolence released a line of latex lingerie which is perfect for the bad girls of SL or good girls gone bad ;P

I loooove that this new collection is housed underneath Insolence’s main store. To get there, you have to walk down a flight of stairs into a dimly lit, but spacious room. It feels like a posh underground club, which makes shopping for latex that much more fun!

Shown here is the Insolence Sally Latex Ensemble, comes with a ton of options on *all* layers.

This collection is definitely interesting, and well made. I like the zipper details and and the varying levels of coverage offered from the different ensembles.

My one gripe… it did not come with the blindfold!!!!! *weep* But Camilla was kind enough to get me one, yay! The one I’m wearing here is the same as the one used in the vendor ad, but I went to Illusions and found some really amazing blindfolds and masks. Do check out the Illusions sale, because Siyu Suen is discontinuing a lot of items!! I found a 5L lace veil that shouldn’t be missed.

Artilleri sale!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spoil meeeeeeeeeeeeeee

We’re truly spoiled this week with all the sales going on! Even if the grid suffers from stale transactions, MOST of my purchases have gone through.

Yes, I washed this car, it’s sparkley now 😛

Artilleri is having a clearance sale from now until May 3rd. Tons of items are being discontinued, so go grab anything you like because it’s your last chance! And it’s 50% off!!! The cute hairstyle above is the sabrina hair, and comes in 3 different shades per pack for only 95L!

Not shown here, but I recommend getting the hair flowers too, they’re my favorite hair accessory.

While I was at the sale, I couldn’t resist peeking inside artilleri and getting myself a new bikini! I bought the palekaiko bikini because the flower pattern is gorgeous, and reminds me of Hawaiian retro fabrics.

*note* The sale as at the drive-in parking lot, just follow the green dots.

New Juicy Posters

Watch this space.. new release from Juicy soon!!

The store needed more posters, so I decided to wear my Bare Rose – Streaks outfit with a pair of Juicy Classic Pumps in Peppercorn (black patent leather + beige sole) and Cake – Swoon hair! This is one of my favorite hair from Cake because it’s sooo smooth, it’s perfect.

Affair Slip Dress

The perfect party dress…

The Affair Slip Dress by Digit Darkes is super sexy, comes in several different color combos but my favorite is all black. For today I’m on location at MaxMarine, the home of shiny new yachts!! I want…………. pink! and black.. and.. all of them!

[All Black]

[Mmm sexy cleavage, I hope Maxmilian does not mind my sprawling on his shiny new yacht]

[Gray & Black]

This dress makes me want a yacht for some reason.. maybe because it is the perfect party dress, and parties on yachts are fun!!

—- artilleri freebies @ MaxMarine —-

There are goooodies at MaxMarine inside two gift boxes — one each for men and women. Stuffed inside the women’s gift box are these two lovely bikinis & a bunch of other lovelies.