Veranica 2 Ways

Today I will show you two ways to wear the Veranica outfit by Apple May Designs. I looooove this outfit, it’s so slutty but you can totally make it sweet. Here I am wearing the LoveAffair hair by Rac, now known as Laqroki. My mini-trunk is a gift from :sey, still available as of today. The pearls are by Fallingwater Cellador, and it’s a freebie at the Gnubie store. Have you been to the Gnubie store lately? It has been rebuilt and updated with tons of new goodies. Everybody likes free stuff 😛

I’m really quite proper looking as a brunette, but I looooooooooooove being blonde! So, I took off my top and wore just the skirt and suspenders and decided that was to be my outfit for the day.

So there you have it. The Veranica outfit can be worn 2 ways, slightly skanky and very skanky 🙂

Digit Darkes + MiaSnow

Digit Darkes released this awesome new GossipGirl dress in black & purple, and it’s very glam and sparkly, I love it. It’s the perfect party dress, but I’ve decided to make it dark by wearing the miaSnow Dahlia skin, which I think is totally the best goth doll skin…. it’s beautiful and crazy looking. Or crazy beautiful. 😛

I’m feeling artsy, so I’m using some falling petals particles by Neil Protagonist in these photos.

And a lil crazy

Keeping this look simple — I’m wearing Digit Darkes Gossip Girl Dress | Cake – Sin hair in white | Juicy Classic Pumps (Grape)

Below is the Bauhaus dress by Digits Darkes release that has amazing flexi-movements, like all her other releases. I looove flexi’s! I’m a sucker for prints and bold sashes.


Thanks to Miu Elfan for blogging this Kuri Style dress! It’s super cute, and will only be on sale for $1L until April 20th at midnight SLT.

What I’m Wearing: Kuri Style Piece52 Mini Dress (red) | Twinkleberry Earrings | Draconic Kiss – Mary Jane’s | Celestial Studios – Jooky Kitty | LicoLico – Black socks | Cake – Fragile Hair in pale Pink | Strawberry Pendant by Kanako Clip

Cuuuuute Strawberry Pendant by Kanako Clip. Don’t pass this up, it’s $1L!!!!!

LittleGirl Shop!

Let’s make this short and sweet. I found the best doll shop ever.. it’s called the LittleGirl Shop! located at Korea Land. It’s amazing, all the dolls there are TRANSFER and super cute. I think they would make great gifts for friends, especially friends that likes dolls and cutesy things.

I picked up this outfit called the LittleGirl Oriental Design Dress 002 in wood texture. I loooove the style, and the cute little leg belt with paint brushes attached. What I do mind, is the bling that just won’t turn off on the arm belts & leg belt, but I’ll deal since the outfit is so cute. Since I always forget to write what hair I’m wearing, this is the ETD – Deanna.

[back view]

[leg belt with paint brushes]

Finally something to match my MaryGeo pumps in brown/tan from Shiny Things! <33

And saving the best for last….

My new LittleGirl Pet Doll (Rabbit)

Isn’t she darling? She attaches to the head, and her arm waves!!!

At the LittleGirl Shop!, there are even more cute little dolls. My friend Di bought one for every attachment point on her body 😛

And Chickees!!!

And clothessssss!!!!

Ok, there you have it. Go be cute.

Gogo’s Guide to Blogging

Gogo’s Guide to Blogging (your way to top 500k on the internet)

Blogs are fun to read! But you already knew that, right? When I started my blog a few months ago, I jokingly told my friends that I wanted to be ranked 500K or better on Alexa.

Well, guess what?! currently has a traffic ranking of 455,199 on the internet! I use Alexa as a guide to measure this site’s progress over the months, so if there are other ranking sites out there with more accurate info, I don’t know about them.

How does my site compare to other Second Life related sites on the internet? Let’s see…

* This list is not all-inclusive, I’m just comparing my site to other sites that update frequently or has been around a long time.

SLUniverse = 105,808 = 277,835
Second Style = 317,126
Linden Lifestyles = 343,164
FabFree = 410,431 = 455,199 is ranked at 476,082

Alexa rankings seem to be updated weekly and I think an active website should be above the 1million mark, if new content is added weekly.

Anyway, now that I’ve surpassed my 500k goal, I’m quitting blogging!

…… just kidding!

I’m really glad that my blog has readership, and even though people don’t always agree with me, I really enjoy it. I do it for the love of SL, shopping, gaming.. and for my fellow SL peeps.. 😛

And if you must know… I adore jewelry with a food theme, such as the Miam Miam Yummy Charm necklace, or this Honey Kitty Eating Vanilla Cake set I’m wearing above. It’s yummylicousssss.

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