Stiletto Moody or.. Sasawe Capalini?

Sasawe Capalini, one of the creators of Stiletto Moody shoes has decided to sell them under his own label. I guess this is what happens when sweatshop designers feel that they have not been compensated properly. These shoe are identical to the ones sold at Stiletto Moody, but are priced cheaper and with a different label.

This situation totally confuses me! The facts are:

1. Stiletto Moody contracted Sasawe Capalini to create shoes for her label.
2. It’s perfectly within his right to resell these under his own label because… HE MADE THEM. Unless they have a contract stating otherwise.
3. They’re both ripping off Christian Louboutin designs.

I wonder if we will be seeing more shoes from Sasawe Capalini — perhaps the same exact ones produced for Stiletto Moody shoes but cheaper?

Posh Housewife

It’s almost Spring and spring means flower patterns galore!!! I went to artilleri and bought the Carrie dress because it’s totally spring-y and retrolicious. I feel like a posh retro housewife now. The artilleri Lovely Lily hair flower is sooo cute! It changes textures on touch, and includes 2 different shades of pink — pink and hot pink! <3

Skins & Shapes, Oh My!!

Yay freebie skins! I love love love love skins. I wish these were available when I was newbie, because I’ve spent so much money on skins that aren’t nearly this nice..!!

Rosemary Galbraith is generously giving away a freebie pack containing 12 skins @ her shop Rosemar. HURRYYY.. These are hot! I love that there’s a variety of skin tones in the pack, so there’s something for every preference. The goth one is yummilicious. Other stuff I’m wearing: D!FF Pink Bra*d Cami, and Miam Miam Yummy Charm Necklace, Kin Keiko Blossom Hair

Oh.. and shameless self plug below:

If you’re looking to do something a little different this spring, I have some cute ‘girl next door’ type shapes available at my shop on Juicy.

Demoiselles – Darling

Demoiselles – Anastasia

Demoiselles – Lindsay

Demoiselles – Michelle

All shapes are mod/no trans and comes with a skirt shape 🙂 Happy shopping!!

seVan cutenessssss

seVan Danica Dress

seVan Saint Patty Dress

seVan Roya Dress

seVan just released some really cute dresses in their new clothes shop. I love short girlie dresses that are perfect for doing nothing…… 😛 When I have kids, I want the seVan Danica dress in RL because it looks like it would make a really cute maternity dress!

Precious Grandeur Green

The Precious Grandeur dress in green is on sale for $100L at Nicky Ree’s main shop in Tropical Orchid, but only for group members, so remember to wear your group tag.

The necklace I’m wearing is part of the Marissa Pink Pearl set available at KessKreations. I haven’t found pink pearls anywhere in SL but here, and the necklace is scripted to change metals and gemstones. And you know I looooove my jewelry scripted!

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