When Skins Evolve

Muuuuch anticipated, at least by me was the MMSkins Gen4 skins. I have a pack of every MMSkins starting with Gen2 because I really like the overall quality & look. A lot of my friends who are not MMSkins addicts sometimes get confused between Gen2, Gen3, Gen3NF, and now the Gen4’s.

Here’s my take on every Generation… and my favorites:

Gen2 – Gen2 has my favorite eyebrows & glossy lips of all time!!! Actually, I think I have Pale pack, Light pack, and Pale freckles pack, because it’s my favorite MMSkins generation of all time.

Gen3 – This generation was a flop for me, even though I bought 2 packs, the inconsistency of the brows (too thin) really turned me off from them.

Gen3 NF – In my opinion, the Gen3 NF is my least favorite, simply because it made my avi look too aged, and lost the things I adored about Gen2s (glossy lips!!!)

Since I was pretty disappointed with Gen3&Gen3NF, I started wearing Gala Phoenix’s new skin line which debut at Skin Fair. Which is loooooooooovely, btw, if you haven’t seen it. But Minnu Palen has really outdone herself with the latest release….

Gen4 – Yayy Gen4! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new skintone used in Gen4. I think that MMSkins has evolved in a really good way with this latest set, because the skin is fresh, and the facial features are soft and lovely.

Overall, I think from Gen2 to Gen4, the evolution is amazing. If you’re not an MMSkins wearer, I would recommend starting off with Gen2’s because it’s 1150L per single skin, or splurge and get Gen4 (even though it’s quite pricey at 1600L). Skiiiiip the Gen3s! The best value for your money is either Gen2 or Gen4.

Phew! I know that read like an ad for MMSkins, but I’m not paid to endorse. As a fan and a skin lover, this is my personal opinion hoping that it would help someone out when deciding which skin generation to buy.

Swedish Orientation

The Swedish Orientation sim is amazing!! For those of us that went through orientation island and had to walk the trail — well, in my case, fell off the trail into the water and didn’t log in again for several months. I loooove that there’s a sauna there with a bathing suit (made by Simone Stern) and sauna towels!! 😛 Sexayyyy.

Since the grid is borked today, everyone should take the day off from trying to be productive. Nothing will attach, or upload… so go have some F.U.N!

Juicy Anti-Hero Pose Set!


I made a new pose set!! The Juicy Anti-Hero pose set is now on sale at my new location on Juicy. 🙂

Since my knowledge of Photoshop is pretty basic, I didn’t add any of the cool visual effects I had envisioned while making this set. So yeah.. imagine fireballs, and glowy things.. and all the cool stuff you can do with these poses 🙂

Tp to Juicy!

It’s Poll Time!!

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I want to know if many people bought a lot of stuff during the Last Call sale. How many outfits do you have? (not including shoes or individual accessories)