It’s Poll Time!!

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I want to know if many people bought a lot of stuff during the Last Call sale. How many outfits do you have? (not including shoes or individual accessories)

Token Freebies

Olivia Connaught over at Free*Style blogged a lovely freebie outfit from the Token sim, so I had to go check it out. There are a bunch of complete outfits at this sim, including shoes!!

Gogo Secretary, anyone?

This outfit includes jewelry that has glow (a windlight only feature)!!!

The beige coat is amaaaazing, and includes a sculpted purse.

And, you can take the coat off leaving this sleek business attire.

Amazing cream colored dress

Bath Towel!!!

Judo Gi (there’s a blue version too)

I don’t know why there are so many fabulous outfits at this Token sim, but it kiiiiiiicks butt!!! If you have a job that requires wearing business attire (land baron? csr? fake ceo?), there are lots of pieces in these that will mix-and-match with other items in your inventory for a posh look.

Grid Wide Egg Hunt!

Every holiday in SL has pretty much become free gifts overload. We’re totally spoiled by fantastic designers and I love it!!!!!!!! I started out my grid wide egg hunt at Canimal sim, but any other participating shop is a good starting point too.


artilleri – Charlotte dress (pink) – Soooo lovely. I didn’t see this color sold in store.

I this dress

Tuli Bunny Shirt + miaSofia classic blue jeans

I haven’t gone to every store listed on the hunt, so I’ll probably try to do more tonight. Oh… and, there’s a hunt for a great bunny outfit at Digital Knickers! I think all of this ends at midnight SLT, so go go go!

Egg Hunting

You can be the envy of every child avatar on the grid with this awesome D!FF Polkadot Bra*d Cami. The girls at D!FF made this special Easter edition of their popular Bra*d Cami set — it comes with a bra*d or bradless*d version if you don’t mind a little bit of nips showing.

Also the sculpted Photon Pink Lucky Charms Bracelet & Necklace set goes perfectly with this cami. I feel like a rainbow exploded on me… <3

Other stuff I’m wearing: Armidi jeans, artilleri – rhinestone retro cateye glasses, RPC (Rose Petal Creation) – Egg Giving Easter Basket (group gift), Sweetness – Free Easter Eggs (available at Juicy location)