Swedish Orientation

The Swedish Orientation sim is amazing!! For those of us that went through orientation island and had to walk the trail — well, in my case, fell off the trail into the water and didn’t log in again for several months. I loooove that there’s a sauna there with a bathing suit (made by Simone Stern) and sauna towels!! 😛 Sexayyyy.

Since the grid is borked today, everyone should take the day off from trying to be productive. Nothing will attach, or upload… so go have some F.U.N!

Juicy Anti-Hero Pose Set!


I made a new pose set!! The Juicy Anti-Hero pose set is now on sale at my new location on Juicy. 🙂

Since my knowledge of Photoshop is pretty basic, I didn’t add any of the cool visual effects I had envisioned while making this set. So yeah.. imagine fireballs, and glowy things.. and all the cool stuff you can do with these poses 🙂

Tp to Juicy!

It’s Poll Time!!

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I want to know if many people bought a lot of stuff during the Last Call sale. How many outfits do you have? (not including shoes or individual accessories)

Token Freebies

Olivia Connaught over at Free*Style blogged a lovely freebie outfit from the Token sim, so I had to go check it out. There are a bunch of complete outfits at this sim, including shoes!!

Gogo Secretary, anyone?

This outfit includes jewelry that has glow (a windlight only feature)!!!

The beige coat is amaaaazing, and includes a sculpted purse.

And, you can take the coat off leaving this sleek business attire.

Amazing cream colored dress

Bath Towel!!!

Judo Gi (there’s a blue version too)

I don’t know why there are so many fabulous outfits at this Token sim, but it kiiiiiiicks butt!!! If you have a job that requires wearing business attire (land baron? csr? fake ceo?), there are lots of pieces in these that will mix-and-match with other items in your inventory for a posh look.