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Let’s take a Detour

Yesterday I was perusing the Second Life official forums when I came across a post for new hair. I’m a total shopping addict always on the prowl for new stuff, so I immediately tp’ed to Detour island to check out hair by Keri Clip.

Check out the Junebug hair! It’s adorable, I had to have it. This shop feels familiar…. these “new” designers have a distinctive style that I’ve always liked about FNKY Cake!

These amazing eyes set from Detour Sideways has all the elements I look for in SL eyes — reflective, tiny pupils, expressive blues.


Shoesssssssssss……… <33333

I’m a total skin addict, so when I saw that Keri Clip of Detour had created a whole line of skin with yummilicious makeups, I had to try them all.

Detour skins remind me sooo much of the lovely Jessica skinline from CAKE. When I tried on a demo for Detour, I immediately thought of Stumbelina Ophelia’s Cake skins.

Something about the freckles on this skin is mesmerizing..

Everything worn in these pics are from Detour (Hair, Eyes, Skin)

So there you have it, all the goodiesz from Detour! Go shopping!

Detour Sideways says he’s not Funk Schnook but that they’re friends in real life, no word yet on who Keri Clip might be.. *cough* Stumbelina? *cough* πŸ˜›

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  1. elka

    I think it’s evident! As soon as I saw the skins, the ads and the 2D hair I knew. I always said Stumbelina’s avatar remembered me of… a bird. She is so unique. And there is was, the bird again, on the poster! You have the eye or you don’t LOL. Looks like we both do XD But I don’t care, alts are not something that bothers me. She wants a new fresh line, fine! Who is there to say she can’t, ah? It’s even way much more my style then the CAKE one. I actually bought ALL the freckled skins, and I cannot take them off since then. While I had little troubles making my shape fit with her other line’s mouths, those Detour ones are just SO me!!!! Anyhoo wanted to add my 5 cents about the alt thing, felt excited to see I was not alone that realized it quickly LOL. And you look so dear :3 *hugs*

  2. Dahlia Eilde

    Amazing find! Thank you so much for sharing the wealth (:

  3. Ana Lutetia

    My first though when I saw the shoes was FKNY… mainly because of the layout of the posters.

  4. Aradia Dielli

    I love the hair, skins and eyes. I found them about a week and a half ago and I just fell in love with the hair and skins. Oh well, everyone has an alt πŸ˜‰

  5. Winter Jefferson

    That second freckled skin makes you look just like LiLo.*
    I have my money on it being Stumbelina in drag – or someone will be looking at being investigated. They are virtually identical, more so than just your underlying shape would make them.
    I’m on my way already for those amazing eyes. I’m usually all over RaC ones for their realism, but their sclera are just too pink. And that’s a problem when taking photos from the side.
    *And yes; that’s a compliment. πŸ™‚

  6. Anessa Stine

    gonna have to check them out – neat find. brows look great on those skins too.

  7. Nalaneey

    so long as it’s not a thief stealing the ideas from FNKY/Cake it’s all good. I think making a completely new line is brilliant…

  8. slshopaholic

    Those pumps remind me of the Maitreya ones….is there a collaboration going on perhaps? Hmmmmm.

  9. RubyGarnet

    These skins are so identical, that I’d really be wondering if this is a case of more pinched skin or not. If they are released by the same designer, then it’s fine, but otherwise, you’ve just posted another incident of stolen goods. However do you remain on the forefront of pilfered goods? *grins*

  10. Creamy Cooljoke

    Wow, these are so pretty, that’s a really interesting comparison on the skins too, seems the lips/nose/eyebrows are only slightly different. Must go try them on..

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