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seVan cutenessssss

seVan Danica Dress

seVan Saint Patty Dress

seVan Roya Dress

seVan just released some really cute dresses in their new clothes shop. I love short girlie dresses that are perfect for doing nothing…… 😛 When I have kids, I want the seVan Danica dress in RL because it looks like it would make a really cute maternity dress!

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  1. Yuvi

    Yus! I really really like this store and the dresses are only 100 Linden each. I got a green Ramona dress and a pink strapless flowery one that was perfect for a Hawaiian themed party I went to. Now I have incredible need for that Danica dress. And I met Seven Farella briefly in store and she was extremely friendly! Did I mention I like this store? : )

  2. Ann

    “And I met Seven Farella briefly in store and she was extremely friendly!”
    She’s apparently also a thief.
    The other seVan designers appear not to have been involved.

  3. 7van

    I would like to comment briefly on this since I know Gogo…
    Brett and I are severely disappointed, hurt, and honestly angry at what has happened. We have since removed Seven from our team and anything that is in question made by her that appears to be stolen.
    The clothes sold in the store are legitamate however and I do encourage people to go and take a look at our store…if you do find anything of question Please please contact either me (Vanya Rennahan) or Brett Finsbury and we will immediatly resolve the issue.
    All parties that have been involved in this situation have been apologized to, their content removed, in addition we have compensated Emma for any loss she may have incurred.
    I sincerely and profusely apologize on behalf of myself and Brett for this horrible situation.
    Thanks again everyone to who has come out and given Brett and I their support for understanding our difficult position in all of this too. We fully cooperate with any and all content creator in SL…
    <3 Vanya

  4. Yuvi

    Ah fudge : /

  5. Bella Baroque

    Well this sucks! Yuvi and I went gaga over there and though I didn’t buy any shoes or furniture, I still feel used. And I’m not sure when all this went down, but Seven was still in the store 3 days ago, talking to us, eating up our compliments about how great the place was and how friendly she was. Even though Brett an Vanya saw all the clothes are original, I still feel a little dirty wearing them. Le sigh…..I’m with Kets’ response in the other post, I don’t know what to do. Well, if anything, at least this goes to show that you can’t be arrogant enough to flaunt “your” creations under the roof of a fancy new store and not expect to eventually get caught. I heard Colleen talking about her mod rights on her furniture at the Metaverse Makeover show and it just made me so sad for her. She and her team are by far my favorite furniture designers in SL and any issues I have had, she’s showed fantastic customer service that has kept my business. It just makes me sick that I told Seven, to her face, that a friendly and helpful attitude like hers would earn my repeat business. To think that I thought of these two woman in the same regard for a moment gives me the creeps. To Emma, Colleen and her team, and anyone else who has dealt with content theft, I hope that you can at least rest easy that one offender has been brought down and it gives hope that your loyal customers have your back and this sort of thing doesn’t go unnoticed forever. I certainly learned a lesson and will keep my eyes peeled next time I enter a new store with all the bells and whistles!

  6. Cerrie

    What a bummer, I fell prey to this one too. I have said questionable shoes and I will be chucking them toot suite as I am a far bigger fan of Emma’s.
    On a side note…Gogo where is the pose you used in the second shot with the green dress from? The one where you are touching your face? 🙂

  7. gogolita

    OOooh.. that is part of the Enchanted set by Poseur! Look up Natasha Northolt, there’s a tp to her shop in PICKS. 🙂

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