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Skins & Shapes, Oh My!!

Yay freebie skins! I love love love love skins. I wish these were available when I was newbie, because I’ve spent so much money on skins that aren’t nearly this nice..!!

Rosemary Galbraith is generously giving away a freebie pack containing 12 skins @ her shop Rosemar. HURRYYY.. These are hot! I love that there’s a variety of skin tones in the pack, so there’s something for every preference. The goth one is yummilicious. Other stuff I’m wearing: D!FF Pink Bra*d Cami, and Miam Miam Yummy Charm Necklace, Kin Keiko Blossom Hair

Oh.. and shameless self plug below:

If you’re looking to do something a little different this spring, I have some cute ‘girl next door’ type shapes available at my shop on Juicy.

Demoiselles – Darling

Demoiselles – Anastasia

Demoiselles – Lindsay

Demoiselles – Michelle

All shapes are mod/no trans and comes with a skirt shape πŸ™‚ Happy shopping!!

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  1. Anonymous

    Do you also sell the main shape featured on your blog? If so…what is it called? Thanks πŸ™‚

  2. Nalaneey

    Do you also sell the main shape featured on your blog? If so, what is it called? ty

  3. gogolita

    hi anon! I play with my shape a lot, depending on which skin I use. So there’s about a billion variations, so it’s not for sale. But I will say this, Darling is based off of my shape, and she’s also one of my favorites. I would totally recommend it if you like the following skin designers — Minnu, Gala, RaC, they *ALL* look good on Darling. As always, I totally recommend tweaking your shape for It sounds like a pain, but it’s totally painless and usually involve 1-2 minor tweaks πŸ˜›

  4. theshadow

    What I’d love to know is the hair on the darling AV… ^_-

  5. Cerise

    Hey Gogo! A friend of mine referred me to your site & your Juicy store. Awesome site & shoes, btw! Anyways, I saw this post (& I know it’s been awhile since you’ve posted this) but I was wondering… I clicked on the link you provided to take me to the shop where you sell your shapes but for some reason I always end up at your shoe store. Do you still have your shape store? Could I please get an SLurl? Thank you!

  6. gogolita

  7. Cerise

    Thanks so much Gogo!

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