We’re truly spoiled this week with all the sales going on! Even if the grid suffers from stale transactions, MOST of my purchases have gone through.

Yes, I washed this car, it’s sparkley now 😛

Artilleri is having a clearance sale from now until May 3rd. Tons of items are being discontinued, so go grab anything you like because it’s your last chance! And it’s 50% off!!! The cute hairstyle above is the sabrina hair, and comes in 3 different shades per pack for only 95L!

Not shown here, but I recommend getting the hair flowers too, they’re my favorite hair accessory.

While I was at the sale, I couldn’t resist peeking inside artilleri and getting myself a new bikini! I bought the palekaiko bikini because the flower pattern is gorgeous, and reminds me of Hawaiian retro fabrics.

*note* The sale as at the drive-in parking lot, just follow the green dots.

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