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Cheap poses for posh girls

*vol’s shop at KssMall have dirt cheap poses, all of which are under 10L for entire packs! The pricing don’t make sense, they’re so cheap my mind started to melt. But I grabbed a few sets and the photos above are a mixture of several sets there which I think are fabulous if you’re looking for cheap, cute poses.

So for today, you can thank *vol’s shop, for selling cheap cute poses that allows me to show off my posh bunny costumes that I have been hoarding for awhile now.

Other stuff I’m Wearing: Detour – Sienna hair (Pearl), SLink – Bunny Costume, Digital Knickers – Kendra the Honey-Bunny Costume, Juicy Classic Pumps (Peppercorn)

*note: I don’t think the costumes are on sale anymore, was a holiday freebie

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  1. Dahlia Eilde & Nicolas Sinatra

    That place is just a treasure trove of poses! Thanks so much for sharing.

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