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D!FF Closing.. Your Last Chance

D!FF will be closing its doors in a few short days, so everything is on sale before they’re gone forever. This is your last chance to grab some fantastic goodies that won’t be available to anybody else once the sale is gone. I don’t know about you, but when something has the word “limited” or “gone forever” attached to it, I can’t resist!

D!FF – Isometric Red Dress + Soda – Cherry Red Cardigan

D!FF – Sh*d Pink Dress

D!FF – Dongipani Shorts + D!FF – Navy – Bordeaux Mess Tops

D!FF – Ex-offsanta Dress

Don’t forget…… GONE FOREVER!!!!! Tp to D!FF @ Juicy.

****** Mega Hair Freebie Alert ******

Mewf Demina, the hair creator for Free Spirit is giving away all her hairs this week, and they are FANTASTIC. This is only available for a limited time, so what are you waiting for? I don’t know when the freebie offer ends, but it’s soon. Don’t forget to thank Mewf for being so generous to all of us freebie hair loving maniacs. I adore the Dee & Lyrlia hair so much, they’re the perfect shade of blonde and super cute. <3

[Free Spirit – Lyrlia – Platinum Blonde]

Other stuff I’m Wearing: ETD – Aveda – Med Wavy Hair | Free Spirit – Dee – Platinum | Free Spirit – Lyrlia – Platinum Blonde | Juicy Classic Pumps (various smexxy colors)

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  1. Pirita

    I love your blog
    and I need some information about your body
    where you get your eyes?
    are so beautiful
    see ya

  2. gogolita

    eyes are by DETOUR 🙂
    And thanks! <3

  3. Addie

    Hi Gogo! Thanks for letting us know about D!FF. I was wondering, where can I get that Cherry Red Cardigan? Is the store called Soda? It doesn’t seem to show up when I search for it. :/

  4. gogolita <—- TP to Soda. The creator’s name is Charlotte Morellet, its in her picks too if you can’t get that slurl working 🙂
    And yw!!

  5. Addie

    Thank you so, so, so very much Gogo!

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