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Gimme gimme more gimme more gimme more

You said you wanted Juicy Classic Pumps in packs? Done! Done! Done! Six Juicylicious packs are now on sale at Juicy. You’ll just have to come see for yourself how much you’ll save with a pack 🙂

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  1. Meara D

    Now you just need to make a fatpack of ALL 20 so I can buy them in one fell swoop. 😛
    /me bats her eyelashes
    Pretty please?

  2. Anonymous

    You were right… the prices were sufficiently irresistable. 😀

  3. Meara D

    One other thing I forgot to mention…
    When I went to the shop last night and tried on the demos, I noticed that on the back of each shoe was this sculptie blob that stuck out from the back. On the black shoe, it was a white blob. On the colored shoe, it was a black blob. I thought maybe it was just the demos but then my partner pointed out that the shoes in-store were like that as well, and sure enough when I cammed around to look at the backs of them, they all had a blob on the back.
    So I ended up not getting the shoes, one because I was hoping for a color fatpack of ALL colors, but also because of the really noticable blob. :-/

  4. gogolita

    hi Meara, I think that’s just a temporary sculpties rendering issue. I get that sometimes with all shoes, what I do is clear my cache and they render perfectly again. I assure you Juicy shoes are not ugly blobs.. they look exactly as pictured when rendered correctly 🙂

  5. Gemini

    So when are they coming out in Silver, Gold, Snakesin, Croc, Leopard, Zebra, and all of them in Suede, huh? huh ? 🙂

  6. Cerise

    Gogo, I love them! I’ve tried on the demos & I think these pumps are awesome! Unfortunately, I haven’t purchased them YET. I’m waiting for a fatpack of all colors. Any chance you’ll be doing them soon? 😀
    @ Meara- That happens to me sometimes too with all shoes. Like Gogo said, they’re just trying to render; give it time or clear all your caches.

  7. Meara D

    I’m going to try clearing my cache tonight to see if that helps. Oddly it’s the first time in over a year of playing that I’ve encountered it, so I wasn’t sure what to make of it. Thanks for the tip!

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