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Gogo’s Guide to Blogging

Gogo’s Guide to Blogging (your way to top 500k on the internet)

Blogs are fun to read! But you already knew that, right? When I started my blog a few months ago, I jokingly told my friends that I wanted to be ranked 500K or better on Alexa.

Well, guess what?! currently has a traffic ranking of 455,199 on the internet! I use Alexa as a guide to measure this site’s progress over the months, so if there are other ranking sites out there with more accurate info, I don’t know about them.

How does my site compare to other Second Life related sites on the internet? Let’s see…

* This list is not all-inclusive, I’m just comparing my site to other sites that update frequently or has been around a long time.

SLUniverse = 105,808 = 277,835
Second Style = 317,126
Linden Lifestyles = 343,164
FabFree = 410,431 = 455,199 is ranked at 476,082

Alexa rankings seem to be updated weekly and I think an active website should be above the 1million mark, if new content is added weekly.

Anyway, now that I’ve surpassed my 500k goal, I’m quitting blogging!

…… just kidding!

I’m really glad that my blog has readership, and even though people don’t always agree with me, I really enjoy it. I do it for the love of SL, shopping, gaming.. and for my fellow SL peeps.. πŸ˜›

And if you must know… I adore jewelry with a food theme, such as the Miam Miam Yummy Charm necklace, or this Honey Kitty Eating Vanilla Cake set I’m wearing above. It’s yummylicousssss.

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  1. Aradia Dielli

    hmm, well my personal blog is at… has a traffic rank of: 4,807,912
    and my business site… has a traffic rank of: 2,025,489
    wow, lol never even knew about this thing. Hell I have never heard of Alexa :O

  2. AnaLu

    Alexa is one of the measure units. Nowadays, Google Rank is one of the most important but I can’t figure out how to get info on that. has a traffic rank of: 1,216,537 traffic rank in other countries:
    Portugal 39,684
    Brazil 228,871
    United States 234,486
    Since I have been blogging about SL since November 2006 these numbers are not extraordinary

  3. gogolita

    Hmm I don’t know how to find out google rank info ;X

  4. Leah McCullough

    Congrats Gogo!!! Btw.. the necklace is awesome! I love Miam Miam jewelry!!

  5. Naoki Ninetails

    You didn’t actually teach us anything about blogging other than how to check your traffic. If I write about selling dead fish sculpties, I’m not going to get very far. >;3 (Cute jewelry.)

  6. gogolita

    LOL… my bad. Ok, well.. I guess the title is mismatched. Anyways, I think checking your traffic is important when you blog, even if you don’t care for a large audience, it’s always nice to know how you’re being found through linkbacks and such. There really are no rules to blogging unless you have a very specific goal………. even writing about dead fish sculpties! If that’s your thing :PP

  7. Yuvi

    woohoo! I like your blog.

  8. Nivea Frua

    I love food jewelry too, and had no idea about that overly cute necklace πŸ˜€ Know anymore nice food jewelry sets? lol

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