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Insolence went dark

…and I like it!

Camilla Yosuke of Insolence released a line of latex lingerie which is perfect for the bad girls of SL or good girls gone bad ;P

I loooove that this new collection is housed underneath Insolence’s main store. To get there, you have to walk down a flight of stairs into a dimly lit, but spacious room. It feels like a posh underground club, which makes shopping for latex that much more fun!

Shown here is the Insolence Sally Latex Ensemble, comes with a ton of options on *all* layers.

This collection is definitely interesting, and well made. I like the zipper details and and the varying levels of coverage offered from the different ensembles.

My one gripe… it did not come with the blindfold!!!!! *weep* But Camilla was kind enough to get me one, yay! The one I’m wearing here is the same as the one used in the vendor ad, but I went to Illusions and found some really amazing blindfolds and masks. Do check out the Illusions sale, because Siyu Suen is discontinuing a lot of items!! I found a 5L lace veil that shouldn’t be missed.

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  1. Winter Jefferson

    Very, very hot.
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  2. AnnaZwiers

    Hello boobies! =-)~

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    A whole side of you… šŸ˜‰

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