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New Sayla and Ayumi Skins @ Issigonis

I’m lifting these pictures off the Second Life Official forums, to spare everyone of seeing my face stamped with demos all over ;P Issigonis released new versions of their skins and they’re HOT!!!!!!!!!!!! The Sayla medium skin tone has one of the most perfect glossy, heart-shaped lips I have ever seen. It’s cute.. and only 4800L for all SIXTEEN skins!!! Whoa.. <3

Visit the Issigonis official website for more info.

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  1. Jess

    I love Ayumi, but being Japanese I have black eyes brows not brown. It’s too bad they weren’t black, cause that skins is SO perfect otherwise but looks odd with the eyebrow color. Rather have black eyebrow options over freckles which I’d pass on every time.
    Good post too Gogolita blogger!

  2. gogolita

    hi Jess! I think those brows are lovely the way they are, but you could try asking the creator to tint the brows for you? πŸ˜›

  3. Jess

    Can’t seem to get in contact with them. trust me i have black hair and I don’t have brown eyebrows. I have quite a lot of friends with black hair and black eyebrows (I am from Japan.) The brown immediately stands out. The skin is great though and the actual drawn/shape aspect of them is excellent. I’d buy it if it was the right color. Maybe they will do something, as I see they update their skins often. AWWW there’s always SOMETHING not right about most skins in SL. It’s the balance. In order for something to be allowed to be good, they got to throw in something bad heh. Anyway, thanks for the reply.

  4. Sasy Scarborough

    you can tint your eyebrows black in appearances, it should override the skin unless they have done something odd, try wearing black brows with the demo.
    Eyebrows are part of the bald base you wear not just shape but also colour and depending on the way the skin is done it may be possible and worth a try
    xoxo Sasy xoxo

  5. Noirran

    I like your hairs, where did you get it?

  6. Samara Kasshiki

    Agree about the bald base. Some skins even come with both black and brown brows as bald bases within the pack. So you might be able to use another one? I remember when I was REALLY new (very long ago) and put on my first real skin (a big deal then) an LOST my eyebrows!!!! Took me forever to figure out how to get them back – LOL.
    BUT, my REAL question is GOGOLITA WHERE DID THAT HAIR COME FROM? It looks fantastic on you and I love it.

  7. Jess

    Im actually using a black base it’s still looking brown though

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