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I want to know if many people bought a lot of stuff during the Last Call sale. How many outfits do you have? (not including shoes or individual accessories)

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  1. Annyka Bekkers

    I went totally overboard and spent 7000L at the sale. I still havent even tried everything on yet.

  2. Sasy Scarborough

    I spent over 7 at this sale and more than 7 at the dazzle closing sale, so between last call and dazzle i have soo many incredible pieces, this sale being transfer was a blessing.
    I was having so many issues with lag and so on, that I ended up giving Mel my money and saying , what you want to see me in, buy! LMAO , and then all I had to do was casualy glance over each wall and say did you get that and 9 our of ten times he had, ahhhh so good having a man with great taste and patience lol. It is so sad that all those wonderful pieces are gone, it would have been great if they could have been put on OnRez for everrrrr .
    for the future lovely designers lol (uses Gorgeouses post to nag) if your going to have a huge store wide sale put it on onrez , not only will it mean its there forever if you decide for it to be , but instead of the avatar limit on your sim, meaning only so many can shop at any particular time, EVERYONE can shop ALLLLLLLL DAY !
    makes sense to me 😛
    xoxo Sasy xoxo

  3. Phoenix Chapman

    My circumstance isn’t on there – I own every colour of every thing. o.O Okay, well not quite….but I did get everything, I spent about 30000L over the past couple of months I’d say. And for my favourite dresses and outfits, I got every colour. It was mostly only the formals that I didn’t get all the colour options.

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