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Juicy Classic Pumps

Delicious…………. MMMMMM….. Juicy Classic Pumps are out! 🙂

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  1. Lili

    zOMG! You made shooooes! You rock. 😉

  2. Sofia Gray

    Hey, I was just wondering – do you know if they have any color change features or anything that’s scripted on them that makes them 500L a pair or was that just the pricing that was decided upon?

  3. Lili

    I now have a pair on, and these are the only plain, classic-style pumps I will ever need to wear. I may splurge on a fat-pack, or mini fat-packs each with like, a choice of 5 colours, if the price for the pair goes very low. 🙂
    And, as far as I can tell, there is no scripting on these shoes at all.
    But I had been looking forever for a pump with this classic, conservative but feminine line, and with a sober texture to suit. The Maitreya slinky stilettos were too thin, I couldn’t help but find fault with the lanky shape and plastic-y texture; I do not like the shiny pumps from Armidi with the overly wide toe; then the colours and textures on the Cute Girl pumps from Tesla aren’t very attractive. The pumps that came closest to pleasing me so far were the Tekylah Elytis Crisis pumps but they have a bit of a ‘Daisy Duck’ look to them. They’re a great value, though, you get all colours scripted in for the price of a pair if I remember well.
    So, my quest for the perfectly shaped and adequately textured classic pump ends here. I know it sounds like a dull thing, but I think they bring an interesting playful accent when paired with either a reckless tomboy or a sugary girly outfit.
    Although if the pair had rather been tagged at 300-350L, I would probably have bought three pairs by now instead of just the one. And perhaps, 450L would sound a bit less harsh, though it’s not much of a difference ? 😉

  4. melaniekiddofsl

    I’m really loving the Strawberries and Cream pair that I bought, they still haven’t come off my av’s feet. The toe-point hits that perfect, happy medium that I’ve been seeking out for a while now — not too pointy, not too rounded, but juuuuuuuuuust right ^^ And no nasty invisible foot syndrome around the edges, one of my biggest pet peeves when buying shoes!!!

  5. Jhuzen Ketsugo

    I love the colours, and they are a generally nicely shaped shoe, but I couldn’t go for the $500L price. For one pair, it seems pretty high, and although they are nice, I found a few little glitch bits on my screen when looking at them rezzed on the tables, and the undersole seemed like it wasn’t quite the right fit. I would have liked to try them on and see them on my feet, or anyones feet, but they weren’t on feet in the ads and no demos. Maybe of the price comes down, I would grab a pair to try. 🙁

  6. gogolita

    We’re getting demos in the shop tonight 🙂

  7. Lili

    It may take time rendering all those sculptie shoes correctly on a full shopping sim, Jhuzen. When I first arrived, the shapes were kinda sloppy to me too, but as I had been aware of this issue for some time, I just stood around the shop for about 25mn, and by then all the shoes looked the same as on the poster. And when I put on the pumps in my home, they rezzed exactly right.
    If when you try the demo in the store or someplace else, it looks funny, not quite as perfect as shown on the poster, it may just need some time rendering properly, but eventually it will. 🙂

  8. Meara D

    Those are way cute. I’m hoping though that the price comes down a bit, or that there is a fatpack with a MASSIVE discount. Because those are the only things holding me back right now from getting them all.

  9. Sean Gorham

    I’d also love to see a fatpack. I want to buy these shoes, but L$10,000 for the set is a bit much. 😀

  10. gogolita

    Sean, fatpacks are coming!! And the prices will be irresistable.. I promise 🙂

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