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My Party Dress

I love this dress from Fireflies, it’s been in my inventory forever. It’s my favorite cheap but really sexy party dress. I chose not to wear the prim skirt bit because I absolutely HATE the one piece bit that is suppose to be a skirt.. but isn’t? It just draws attention to the crotch without serving any purpose, sooo… I’m wearing it without the prim bit! It’s hot.

And this is the Kalia hair from Philotic Energy <333. I’ve been trying to buy blonde from different hair creators, because I did an inventory count yesterday and I have over 80 different ETD platinum blonde hairstyles. I’m boring, hey?

What I’m Wearing: FireFlies – Isobel Dress (in White), Philotic Energy – Kalia hair (Blonde), EMJ – Diamond Princess Journey Set, Juicy Classic Pumps – Blackberry

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  1. Ivy Contepomi

    I’m obsessed with eyelashes.
    Are yours prim (and if they are, by who? I’ve only found maybe two good sets of prims) or part of your skin?

  2. gogolita

    These are CAKE – Bedroom Lashes, by Stumbelina Ophelia πŸ™‚

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