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New Shape @ Demoiselles

It’s been months since I’ve released a new shape. I don’t make new shapes unless I’m feeling inspired, and this shape’s inspiration is Laqroki skins. They’re one of my favorite skin lines because the faces are amazing, and very sweet.

This is the Misha shape, just released today using a skin from Laqroki. Come by my shop to view more of my shapes. Demoiselles @ Juicy

[Demoiselles – Misha Shape]

One of my favorite shapes at my shop is the Darling shape, which also uses Laqroki skins. It’s my *best* selling shape, everyone loves Darling.

[Demoiselles – Darling Shape]

Custom work? I don’t do custom shapes but I will do tweaks on your current shape if you need a that little something extra to make it ‘work’ with a particular skin.

Demoiselles @ Juicy – Be the cutest!!

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  1. Fae Laughton

    I really love the blonde hair in these photos. Where is it from?

  2. gogolita

    Armidi πŸ™‚

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