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When Skins Evolve

Muuuuch anticipated, at least by me was the MMSkins Gen4 skins. I have a pack of every MMSkins starting with Gen2 because I really like the overall quality & look. A lot of my friends who are not MMSkins addicts sometimes get confused between Gen2, Gen3, Gen3NF, and now the Gen4’s.

Here’s my take on every Generation… and my favorites:

Gen2 – Gen2 has my favorite eyebrows & glossy lips of all time!!! Actually, I think I have Pale pack, Light pack, and Pale freckles pack, because it’s my favorite MMSkins generation of all time.

Gen3 – This generation was a flop for me, even though I bought 2 packs, the inconsistency of the brows (too thin) really turned me off from them.

Gen3 NF – In my opinion, the Gen3 NF is my least favorite, simply because it made my avi look too aged, and lost the things I adored about Gen2s (glossy lips!!!)

Since I was pretty disappointed with Gen3&Gen3NF, I started wearing Gala Phoenix’s new skin line which debut at Skin Fair. Which is loooooooooovely, btw, if you haven’t seen it. But Minnu Palen has really outdone herself with the latest release….

Gen4 – Yayy Gen4! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new skintone used in Gen4. I think that MMSkins has evolved in a really good way with this latest set, because the skin is fresh, and the facial features are soft and lovely.

Overall, I think from Gen2 to Gen4, the evolution is amazing. If you’re not an MMSkins wearer, I would recommend starting off with Gen2’s because it’s 1150L per single skin, or splurge and get Gen4 (even though it’s quite pricey at 1600L). Skiiiiip the Gen3s! The best value for your money is either Gen2 or Gen4.

Phew! I know that read like an ad for MMSkins, but I’m not paid to endorse. As a fan and a skin lover, this is my personal opinion hoping that it would help someone out when deciding which skin generation to buy.

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  1. Annyka Bekkers

    Very nice pictures. Personally, I think the Gen 3NF looks the prettiest, at least from these pics. The nose is just right and the eyes are absolutely beautiful. People always point out the lips on the Minnus, but I think she really does the best eyes around.

  2. Sasy Scarborough

    very nice comparison post <3 great info and insight into the skins overall effect on your avatar and things to look at for others very very nice indeed.
    Annyka when I first got the Minnu skins back when they came out first it took me ages to work out what it was that made me look sooo different and instant love, it was in fact the eyes and it still took ages to work out why…they were for me the first skin that i had ever seen do the real life inside corners of our natural eyes, you know where Mr Sandman puts the sleep dust lol , that really made such an impact to overall face for me.
    xoxxo Sasy xoxo

  3. Anonymous

    This is very helpful, esp for those of us who are new to SL and dont know much about Minnu skins.
    I was wondering if those eyes are Minnu’s as well, the other comments confuse me on that part.

  4. New to SL

    This is very helpful, esp for those of us who are new to SL and dont know much about Minnu skins.
    I was wondering if those eyes are Minnu’s as well, the other comments confuse me on that part.

  5. gogolita

    These eyes are DETOUR —> search for the sim name šŸ™‚

  6. New to SL

    Many thanks šŸ˜€

  7. Liliana Barrs

    I really like my new Gen4 skin in pale – this skintone is just perfect for me as a redhead and freckle lover – so much better than the pale freckled in Gen3.
    Although I LOVE the Gen3 NF one, Minnu never released it “really” – so no freckles etc, and so I haven’t got it, but I really like the face, esp. the nose – lovely! But you’re right – it made me look older, too.
    So I go with my Gen4 and am happy (although a lot of other ppl aren’t and I for me can’t see why :))

  8. Katara Whitfield

    I am very disappointed about the new gen 4 skin. I wear the gen2 in the dark A tone, and it looks great.
    The new gen 4 Skin in the umber tone has strange shadings around the belly, no “sixpack”, darker areas on the legs and a brighter, greyish forehead.
    I am curious if somebody else made the same experience, some friends see the the shadings on the skin, but the costumer service of MMSkins says everything is all right with the skin. šŸ™

  9. gogolita

    hi Katara, I think you’re completely right in your assessment. I said it’s one of the best bc I think the facial features/skintone IS one of Minnu’s best work. However, the body shading leaves much to be desired. Especially the abs, legs, and buttocks area (it looks dirty). But this is totally a personal preference too.. I usually am sold if it’s a pretty face, above all else. The body doesn’t bother me so much, but yes, I wish I could transplant gen4 face onto gen2 body!

  10. Cheergirl allen

    WEll now that Minnu is being accused of Content theft from an Artist at Renderocity how does that make you feel about your skin? I for one feel Cheated, I have been the victem of IP theft now to find out I may have supported it makes me sick šŸ™

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