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I went to bitterCandy to pick up the free wardrobe set and found some top quality clothes there. Kal Rau is a Brazilian designer and creator of KR (which sells mostly men’s fashion) and bitterCandy which features casual women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories.

[bitterCandy – Jean Shorts + Belt | bitterCandy – Striped Hoodie | bitterCandy – Allanis Top NO Stress Pink | Dutch Touch – socks | KR – Street Next shoes (Black & Next Flower2 print)

Ohh.. I love these KR Street next shoes, especially the pink Hawaiian print! <3

Yum textures..

[Shown above is all the KR – Street Next shoes with flower print]

Even though I mostly shop for girl stuff, I have to mention that KR mostly has men’s clothing!!! All the clothes are transferable so it makes gift giving a breeze. I would totally recommend that guys check out this shop for some stylish casual wear.

TP to KR & bitterCandy to view the entire collection!

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