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AXEL – Coracle Outfit | ETD – Lynne II hair | ACgirl – Colorful Bracelets

AXEL – Geney Jeans (Coal) | AXEL – Gilet Raye/Silver (Vest) | Free Speerit – Dee hair | *UnTone* HSCD necklace

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  1. Jess

    That skirt would be good if the pants layer blended with the prim skirt better, otherwise – cool.

  2. Hachi

    Hey Gogo, what skins do you normally wear? They are so striking, I’ve been meaning to ask for ages…

  3. gogolita

    Hiii Hachi! I tend to switch between different brands. I guess the ones I wear the most are Minnu Model Skins (by Minnu Palen) or Gala skins (by Gala Phoenix). I like them both for different reasons, so some days it’s really hard to choose which one to wear! 😛 I change my skin/hair/clothes about 5x a day.

  4. Ayla

    Where are those eyelashes from? Lovely!

  5. Lila Axel

    Thanks Gogo for posting these! The skirt needs to be better fit to Gogo’s frame, perhaps that is why it doesnt blend so well 🙂
    Thanks again!

  6. gogolita

    These are Cake – Bedroom Lashes (FNKY Cake sim)

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