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I’ve seen The World

I discovered a cool new spot to visit by skimming through my flickr contacts list and Ravenelle had posted a beautiful shot of The World sim.

Here is my set of photos taken at The World in Color and Black and White. They’re the same snapshots, just desaturated in PS for the b/w look. I like it.. Love The World, really really gorgeous textures and architecture there.

I had a lot of fun running around with my glowed prim skirt!! The outfit is from GHOST! – the Korova Mid (there’s still a 50% off sale, so you must go because Triangle Caudron designs lovely frilly gowns).

Other stuff I’m wearing: VIXEN – Alchemy hair (in Platinum Plaything color) | Necklace by Random Caliope

Something interesting about VIXEN hair: I looooooooooove the names that are given to my two favorite hair colors at this store. Platinum Plaything and Bombshell Brown!! Verikai Vargas has a lot of interesting fun styles up, especially if you’re looking for BIG pigtails. <3

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  1. Sheila Yoshikawa

    Lovely shots & nice b&w effects. I was nerdy enough to recognise that it was “The world” out of .hack/sign (anime and computer game, though I’ve only seen the anime, I’m not nerdy enough to be a gamer)

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